BETWEEN VENICE AND THE EAST – Ippolito Caffi: the painter who anticipated Impressionism, painting with different eyes our places of every day

betweenveniceandtheeast1.1Ippolito Coffi he was the most modern and original landscape artist of his time, and his paintings are so special in immortalising the soul of the places and peoples he encountered during his many trips. You can visit an special exhibition (open daily Monday to Tuesday10 am / 7 pm). 2POST.3

         Until November 20, 2016 coming at Venice, remember Museo Correr (San Marco, 52 – Venice), where you can admire a special collection (it consists of a group of more than 150 paintings), a chronicle of the many cities and regions visited by Ippolito Caffi. Remembering – looking with differente yes – that what you can admire represents the most comprehensive record of the artistic career of any nineteenth-century painter.


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