THREE SUMMERS – Novel, Margarita Liberaki

three.summers.1.1Three sisters are living – over three summers – the transition from adolescence to maturity, a journey filled with love and expectations, disappointments and illusions. Protagonists of their stories, the characters are made of sky, land and sea: the brightness of the landscape and the red earth of Greece, together with the Athens shops and what birds draw in that blue sky. Three summers, is a book that has been published a long time ago – in 1946 – a novel, then, had achieved extraordinary success. In the novel, perhaps you will find two special stamps: the naturalness and wisdom. Both are enclosed in memories full of things and faces. “These days the sun has disappeared from the books. Therefore they hinder our attempts to live. But in your country it still keeps the secret, and you’re one of the few authors who hand it down. ” Yes, Margarita Liberaki wrote a libr dedicated to youth and destiny, where you turn off the smile of men.


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