THE PERCEPTIVE INNER INTO THE MUSIC – Ancient, traditional and modern: the expressive tones of Greek music, through the centuries

the.perceptive.1.1The art based on the value, functionality, and the concatenation of sounds, is called music. With reference to the technical means which they earned (and the forms in which it is expressed during the times), it envelops our planet, with shades that can be Greek or Eastern, Byzantine or romantic. The music, like painting, knows many shades of expression, what you can discover in the vocal and instrumental music, classical and polyphonic, but also in sacred music, symphonic, chamber and light, country, folk and pop. The music is the art of organization of noises sounds, over time in space, and that art can express the individual’s inwardness that produces the music and the listener. As always, generate sounds through singing or musical instruments is the emotional experience intended by the artist. A.vitruvian1.1Welcome into the expressive tones of the Greek music. When your geographical horizon extends – for business or pleasure – you have the wonderful opportunity to hear you inside, like the perfectly proportioned man (created by Leonardo da Vinci), correlating the symmetry of human anatomy to the symmetry of the universe. What you see, hear, eat and feel, it’s all inside the Vitruvian approach to life.

Music of Ancient Greece – Anakrousis

Vaghelis Merkouris Ensemble – Traditional Greek music

Anna Vissi: Sti Pira – Modern Greek Music



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