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The archipelago where develop creative thinking

Have you ever thought about what you would like to do with brushes and colors? There are those who think that painting is a means of expressing emotions; other people feel, and no experience is needed to paint. Usually, easy watercolor paints are diluted with water on a specific paper; trying it you will discover beautiful translucent effects. Oil paints dry so slowly that it sometimes takes a few months for an oil painting to dry properly. The Filipino painter Fernando Amorsolo discovered that they were expensive colors, but they offered him the widest range of shades of all painting techniques. Four days after his death, he was awarded at the Cultural Center of the Philippines. In his paintings, you can easily grasp the presence of figures outlined against a bright light. Considered together with Juan Luna and Fernando Zóbel among the protagonists of the Philippine pictorial scene, this portraitist and painter of rural landscapes was particularly appreciated for his mastery in the use of light and shadow. Born in Manila in the spring of 1892, he finished his studies there at the Liceo de Manila Art School. He loved to draw his sketches not only at home and in the countryside, but even at the Luneta Park, enriching them with all those he saw around him. Visiting Manila, not forget Jorge B. Vargas Museum and Filipiniana Research Center, it displays a major collection of his works.

For Webern, Mendelssohn and Schubert the fascination of music was that of strings. Furthermore, classical music, when listened to properly, has immense benefits on our brain. For lovers of the charm of ancient music, however, the magic of listening develops in particularly appropriate places, such as churches, convents or amphitheaters. Influenced by nearly 400 years of colonial Spain and rock and roll, the music of the Philippines has its own originality. Listening to a piece of music by the band The Ransom Collective, you will find European sounds that blend with American and native ones. After indie soloist Kian Ransom returned from California to the Philippines in 2013, he had the idea of teaming up with a high school drummer friend and three fine arts students, forming the band The Ransom Collective with them. For their 20-year-olds and enthusiastic fans, it’s a young band that helps keep them young. In their indie folk sound, you can easily spot immediate musical evidence, without misunderstandings in terms of interpretation. As a band, they work through a creative process that enhances the way they write music as a band.

For a generation of Italians, the mysterious charm of poetry is contained in the words of a song by Gino Paoli, Senza Fine. The timeless poetic seduction shuns philosophical reason, smells the real and discovers its nuances, collecting crumbs of reality in verse. For Francisco Balagtas, the enchantment of rhymes was all the more irresistible the more inaccessible those who emanated it were, even in forbidden things also narrated in his native language. In the Philippines, where he was born, the city of Bigaa was named after Balagtas. On the surface of Mercury there is the Balagtas Crater. Considered one of the greatest Filipino poets, he was born in the small town near Manila. The son of a blacksmith, he studied at the University of San Juan de Letrán and the University of San José, devoting himself to law and study. At a time when literature was written in Spanish, he preferred to use his mother tongue, thus representing in Talong – as in the poem Florante at Laura – the injustices of the native Filipinos under the Spanish colonizers.

The charm of fashion, try to think about it, can even hide in the choice of size and in the availability of items. It is no coincidence, in fact, that the fashion industries spend a lot of time and money to promote their clothing, even suggesting that those who wear their clothes can lead a carefree life. Fashion designer Oliver Tolentino made a professionally different choice, relying on the use of indigenous products from the Philippines. He is a Filipino Designer achieved international success. The originality of his clothes was proposed in a pink photo shoot for Cycle 17. He excels in all fabrics, especially if they are eco-friendly. It is no coincidence, in fact, that he earned the title of Eco Designer at the Global Green 2012 Pre-Oscar Party. Through the use of indigenous fabrics deriving even from pineapple leaves, he has managed to make the skills of Filipino weavers and embroiderers internationally known. In the skillful use of a wide range of fabrics, he assembles original designs with a creative verve that materializes in creating and producing timeless romantic models.

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