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INNOVATIVE PEOPLE FROM PHILIPPINES – When genius determines a strong social impact

The archipelago where develop creative thinking Have you ever thought about what you would like to do with brushes and colors? There are those who think that painting is a means of expressing emotions; other people feel, and no experience is needed to paint. Usually, easy watercolor paints are diluted with water on a specific paper; trying it you will …

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A WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE IN BALAGTAS – Francisco Balagtas and his poem Florante at Laura

The injustices of the Filipino natives, in the Tagalog language Born in April 1788, Francisco Balagtas https://artsandculture.google.com/entity/francisco-balagtas/m030402?hl=en was a Tagalog-speaking scholar during the Spanish colonial period of the Philippines. Considered the Prince of Tagalog poets because of his masterpiece Florante at Laura, to go to school in exchange for domestic service, when he was young, he went to a distant …

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