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Quattro artisti, 7641 isole e un identico modo di amare la propria terra Predilige sempre la pittura ad olio e quella acrilica. Il suo stile pittorico è l’arte figurativa. I soggetti delle sue opere, sognanti e languidi, sono capaci di evocare nella mente dell’osservatore la complessità delle sfumature cromatiche dei pittori rinascimentali. I suoi soggetti variano a seconda degli stati …

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INNOVATIVE PEOPLE FROM PHILIPPINES – When genius determines a strong social impact

The archipelago where develop creative thinking Have you ever thought about what you would like to do with brushes and colors? There are those who think that painting is a means of expressing emotions; other people feel, and no experience is needed to paint. Usually, easy watercolor paints are diluted with water on a specific paper; trying it you will …

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POWER OF NATURAL LIGHT, BACKLIGHT AND CHIAROSCURO – Fernando Amorsolo’s mastery in the use of light and shadow

When sunlight becomes an additional color Four days after his death, he was awarded at the Cultural Center of the Philippines. In his paintings, you can easily grasp the presence of figures outlined against a bright light. Considered together with Juan Luna and Fernando Zóbel among the protagonists of the Philippine pictorial scene, the portraitist and painter of rural landscapes …

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