September 30, 2023 8:14 am
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ISLANDS, HISTORICAL PLACES AND CREATIVITY – An author’s journey together with four Filipino creatives

Not to forget what heaven is Traveling through countries other than your own allows you to meet people and explore the world from a different perspective. Furthermore, each of your trips allows you to have relationships between different cultures and to confront yourself with them. Today we visit places with rice terraces, between many Vulcans and mountains. The paradise islands …

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INNOVATIVE PEOPLE FROM PHILIPPINES – When genius determines a strong social impact

The archipelago where develop creative thinking Have you ever thought about what you would like to do with brushes and colors? There are those who think that painting is a means of expressing emotions; other people feel, and no experience is needed to paint. Usually, easy watercolor paints are diluted with water on a specific paper; trying it you will …

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PHILIPPINES: ONE COUNTRY, ONE SPIRIT – Where a motto it is embodying a set of common core values

Where you find humane, nature lover and nationalistic people Located about 195 miles south of Manila, Boracay is a small Philippine island in the Visayas region. People go there for the beautiful beaches and water sports, but without giving up the convenience of luxury hotels. Along the west coast, you will find a white beach surrounded by palm trees …

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WHERE SKIN EMITTE A CARAMEL CREATIVITY – You cannot bring a Filipino journey to life, without losing something substantial

Traveling where it pays to be interested in what did not happen The average temperature in the Philippines is 86degreesF (30degreesC). Being an archipelago, its offers countless adventures to experience and activities to do. Some parts of the country such are warm and comfortable in all seasons and can be visit throughout the year. As different bodies of water …

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MOVING IN THE COUNTRY OF DIVERSITY – Philippines: an “author’s journey” by Paco up to Maribojoc, along with three special friends.

Peaceful country, that will make you feel at home. Spanish Franciscan missionaries founded the town as early as 1580. Paco was known as Dilao (the color yellow), because of the Amaryllis plants that here were once plentiful. During time, Paco was incorporated as one of the eleven municipal districts of the new city of Manila. A Sikh Temple is located …

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DONT BUST THE TIRE ON YOUR MOTORBIKE – With over 7,100 islands, Philippines waiting for you.

Best islands to visit in the Philippines, knowing creative people. Discover the magic of this archipelago of the Pacific Ocean. Visit cities as Manila, Cebu, Bohol and Palawan. Philippines are one of the most interesting destinations in Southeast Asia. The property of the images that appear in this blog correspond to their authors. The sole purpose of this site …

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