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The average temperature in the Philippines http://experiencephilippines.org/ is 86degreesF (30degreesC). Being an archipelago, its offers countless adventures to experience and activities to do. Some parts of the country such are warm and comfortable in all seasons and can be visit throughout the year. As different bodies of water separate its 7,107 islands, you can take Philippines trips that last for a day or two with regular ship lines, or take shorter ones with ferries. The memory of a trip is also its flavors and smells, and those of your Filipino breakfast https://www.saveur.com/filipino-breakfast-foods-silog-tsokolate-philippines/ include egg-based silog and fried rice, accompanied by your choice of meat or fish. The tapsilog is with a beef carpaccio, while the tocilog is with pork and the bangsilog is its variant with fish.

Manila’s music scene is a celebration of all sorts of genres⁠, where you too can stay to catch live music. Seeing here, some of the biggest names in Filipino music industry, SaGuijo Cafe + Bar https://www.instagram.com/saguijobar/ has passed the test of time. Do not forget: behind is iconic doors expect you bar-chow and a good time, also singing something by Aicelle Santos. In 2018, she leaved for United Kingdom to star as Gigi Van Tranh in the hit musical Miss Saigon. The movie’s theme song Part of Your World was the first song she memorized. She made her theatrical debut as the title character in a 2013 musical based on the life of Katy de la Cruz. Born in Quezon City (Philippines) into a February day in 1985, Aicelle Santos https://allfamous.org/people/aicelle-santos-19850224.html is the cousin of singer Pop Erik Santos.

Such named by a Spanish conquistador, there is a lot of culture to be experienced in Legazpi City. You will have the chance to visit Franciscan church, Spanish pier and a Japanese-dug tunnel from 1941, stretched all the way to city hall. Here you will find a mid-range in price Filipino restaurant you have to try. 1st Colonial Grill’s best sellers list https://www.facebook.com/1stcolonial/ it is full of dishes. You too can try something, such as its spicy shrimp, also reading something by Merlinda Bobis. She https://www.merlindabobis.com.au/biography.htm is a Philippine-Australian writer and academic. Her poems in Filipino work includes a bilingual epic, which she recites in live performances. Her greatest gift is the comfort of transformation. Written in both Filipino and English, her works integrates elements of the traditional culture with modern experience. Now she lives in Australia, but was born in Legaspi City (Philippines province of Albay), where completed her B.A. at Aquinas University.

A few decades after he left for the Middle East, looking for fabrics, richer customers and pearls of sartorial creativity, his creations can also be purchase in his native country, the Philippines. If you appreciate Michael Cinco‘s collections https://www.facebook.com/pages/New-Manila-Boutique-by-Michael-Cinco/240019673400782 you can find some of his pieces in a shop open in Makati City, on the ground floor of a shopping mall located at 5 Greenbelt. In 1997, he moved to Dubai, a haven of couture, a big leap for him. From her stage performances to red carpet appearances, Jennifer Lopez is a frequent wearer of his gowns. Designer Michael Cinco https://www.michaelcinco.com/ finds inspiration in architectural features. He was born on a 1971 August day in the island of Samar (central Philippines). On 2018, Miss World 2018 wore a silver gown by him create for the finale of Femina Miss India 2018. 500,000 of Swarovski’s family-owned crystals adorned one of his wedding gown, weighing 46 kilograms.

The City of Cavite is at the southern region of Manila Bay, inside picturesque peninsula known for leisure sites. Previously a port town. Here, you too can enjoy a blast from the past on Corregidor Island or visit Eco-Tourism Park. Its Villa Filomena Natural Spring Resort https://www.facebook.com/villafilomenanaturalspringresort, together its panoramic view of the infinity pools, waiting for you, surrounded by lush greens. Only after, you will discover why BJ Pascual choose this site. He first got his foot in the fashion industry’s door in Manila, when he started a t-shirt brand with some friends. BJ Pascual https://bjpascual.com/ has photographed several celebrities, including Dua Lipa for Samsung Philippines. Born in Los Angeles, he moved to Cavite (Philippines) at the age of three where his grandparents raised him. He was featured for the cover of Out There Magazine in 2017, giving an interview about his photography work. He has amassed a wonderful body of work from advertising clients, making him one of the most successful photographers in the Philippines.

Construction of the Manila National Museum of Fine Arts https://www.nationalmuseum.gov.ph/nationalmuseumbeta/Museums%20and%20Branches/National1.html ended in 1921. Currently, it houses works by numerous Filipino artists, such as Juan Luna and Guillermo Tolentino. In addition to being known for its numerous universities, Sampaloc is known for the Dangwa flower market, famous for the variety of plants from the city of Baguio. Visiting this district of Manila, you will be influenced by the colors, smells and sounds that stimulated the creativity of a painter, Onib Olmedo. His works, characterized by an implosive impact, celebrating the triumph of the human spirit in the face of pain and anguish. Onib Olmedo paintings http://www.gallerybig.com/gallerybigonib.html, like social commentaries with touches of irony, they become reflections of his humor. The denizens of Sampaloc and Ermita they are the subjects of his paintings. Observing his works, you can admire musicians, prostitutes, vendors and waiters, together corporate executives and ballerinas.

He is known as a director of numerous massacre films such as Kuratong Baleleng. Filipino comic strip creator and writer-turned film director he was born in Pampanga in 1958. At the University of Santo Tomas Hospital in Manila, his wife Donna Villa passed away when was 57. Together with husband, Carlo J. Caparas https://www.facebook.com/LenteNiCaparas/, she brought to the silver screen true-to-life movies. She have leaves behind her husband and their two kids: son CJ and daughter Peach.

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