FULLY APPRECIATE WHAT PHILLY CAN OFFER YOU – Journey to the city of brotherly love and artistic whimsy

An ancient city, but also a sacred places for a creative

Creating, growing and doing are the common denominator of those who sing or draw, write or imagine a new way of dressing. Everywhere, and always, the attempt to resolve a conflict generated by unsatisfied desires, which we call creativity, is the driving force that feeds the dreams of a certain category of people in which intelligence enjoys connecting the invisible. This kind of cognitive capacity of the mind is easily traceable also in the United States, more precisely in Philadelphia https://m.facebook.com/fiestacreativapy/videos/fiesta-creativa-filadelfia-2021/946365205915092/.

As in all the arts, painting also requires the acquisition of a knowledge, or rather, of an adequate technical discipline. As in the case of a poet, that composing his own poems, the pictorial alphabet allows any artist to create their own works. Obviously, there are styles and genres, and those who love to paint prefer some to the detriment of others. Edwin Austin Abbey‘s choices matured at the beginning of the golden age of illustration, which focused on the painting of Shakespearean and Victorian subjects. He was among the American artists who went to England to devote himself to historical painting, however, quite differently from his compatriots. His best know work is the frieze in the Boston Public Library. That American painter https://www.artrenewal.org/artists/edwin-austin-abbey/216, born in Philadelphia in 1852, had studied at the Academy of that city, carrying out his creative activity as an illustrator of magazines, books and painting, as well as wall decoration on horseback between the United States and England. He was elect to the American Academy of Arts and Letters, became a member of the Royal Bavarian Society and the Société Nationale des Beaux-Arts. In 1931, his wife donated his paintings and pastels, as well as drawings and prints to the Yale University Art Gallery in New Haven, Connecticut.

Whoever possesses the immense pleasure of an expressive voice for singing has the advantage of standing out above any other singing competitor. Singing, vocal improvisation and song writing are the alphabet of every artist who loves to try their hand at musical creativity. An experience of vocal journey, adequate to develop the awareness of the musical potential of three girls from Philadelphia, over forty years ago had not only great success, but continues to have it https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r0NSAVIpAvU. In 1971, performing their Everybody gets to go to the Moon in a nightclub scene, they made an appearance in the action thriller The French Connection. Anyone who hears the name of the trio immediately associates it with three women with ebony skin and their most famous song: When will I see you again. In 1978, that is when The Three Degrees https://www.google.com/search?hl=it&q=The+Three+Degrees+- began to collaborate with the record producer Giorgio Moroder, they were guests at the 30th birthday party of Prince Charles, as well as in 1981, before the wedding with Diana Spencer.

They are messages that are born from the depths of the soul, where nothing is lost, where every emotion remains in the heart of those who understand them. In ancient Greece, the poet was the creative par excellence. If poetry is a creative expression of one’s self, nowadays, and in Philadelphia http://www.dontthinkjustgo.it/travel-en/il-giardino-magico-di-filadelfia/, it is a way of expression that is well receive and understood, even on the street. In the case of a woman who lives and works in this city, form and content have merged, creating an urban atmosphere in which she immerses herself with fun. Some of her poetic lines from her have been place in a mural in the Free Library’s Logan Branch. She served as the director of Historic Germantown, thereby helping to promote historic homes in that neighborhood of Philadelphia. She is a Liberian-born poet, teacher, social worker and nonprofit administrator living in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Trapeta Mayson https://www.brynmawr.edu/bulletin/trapeta-mayson was swor in for the Alliance for Young Artists & Writers Scholastic National Writing Awards 2019 in the Poetry category. The fruits of her poetic creativity have been exhibit at the Colored Girls Museum in Philadelphia. One ofher poems: AN INVITATION TO TRAVEL – In North Philly, we were ambushed by a rogue visitor; one that clutched our throats and threatened to choke us out of our budding Americana. That March, someone reported us to immigration. And after an investigation, we were sent a decision. Arriving in a letter, neat and succinct, was our invitation to travel. The Mayson family is ordered to depart from the United States of America at your own expense on or before April 2, 1979. And we were guilty of the worst crime. We had no papers. Dirty immigrants. Huddled masses. Illegal aliens. Pretending to be Americans, hiding in plain sight among the good people of Philadelphia. Frenzied lot of Liberians we were, not even living high off the fat of the land. We did not even sip their milk or their honey. A shrinking life we had. So hushed in fact, that night I strained to hear my father cry, my mother’s whimpers, barely audible. And even I learned to tuck this voice under my tongue and didn’t release it for years.

To do fashion you have to follow a strategy that leads you to create your own brand. To launch a fashion brand, anyone wishing to make their mark in the fashion sector should find a niche in the market, name their business and build their own brand. Well, in Philadelphia there are those who have experienced and won that kind of bet. He studied his target audience while walking down the street, then focused his creative curiosity on a name, colors https://fashionandillustration.com/it/producto/modelli-di-figurini-donna/. His grandmother, a housekeeper of a family close to a fashion designer, helped her grandson get an internship with that clothing expert. He began his career as a designer in 1967, seeking inspiration from what people wore on the streets of New York. After a conversation on the street about his style, he befriended Bethann Hardison, who became his ideal model. His sales experiences even featured building materials, as well as objects salvaged from the sidewalks of New York City. The problem of dressing for Willi Smith https://www.cooperhewitt.org/channel/willi-smith-street-couture/ overcome with his WilliWear Ltd and creative partner Laurie Mallet. From 1948 to 1987, he combined American fashion and culture through avant-garde performances that assembled film, art and design.

At the basis of photography, to improve the creativity of photographic shots, it is necessary not to fossilize on a single style, because you would always make similar ones. Even surrealistically, some photographers, including one from Philadelphia, chose to introduce emotion into what they captured https://digital-photography-school.com/15-photography-ideas-boost-creativity/. He did it by exploiting reflections, creating blurs, or even structure by focusing on the beauty of imperfections and playing with shadows. His body ws buried in the Montparnasse cemetery, where you can read the epitaph: Nonchalant, but not indifferent. Le violon d’Ingres, one of his photographic portraits from 1924, depicted the naked back of a model retouched with marker strokes, a true creative genius in the form of two violin Effe. Born in Philadelphia in 1890, he was a painter, photographer, as well as the author of new expressive ways in contrast with the tastes of his time. By embracing the surrealist movement with photos that evoke elusive dreams, photographer Man Ray https://www.moma.org/artists/3716 was able to explore the alterations of the unconscious. His sculptures are famous, as is his Object to Destroy, a metronome with a photograph of an eye. In 1963, he published Self-portrait, his autobiography, while in 1975 he exhibited his photographs at the Venice Biennale.

As with any creative act, even a drawing can have different details and uses. A humorous cartoon depends on what you decide to draw, where it will be publish and even if you decide to make it in black and white or in color. Obviously, the cartoonist needs to know perfectly what he decides to create, and it is possible to do it by wandering the streets of Philadelphia https://philadelphiaencyclopedia.org/archive/cartoons-and-cartoonists/. In this city, a cartoonist creates them on any subject. He lives in the City West, has been drawing cartoons since the age of five and had make his first comic strip after graduating from Savannah College of Art and Design. He is a cartoonist that sketches events as they happen. Sometimes, he prefers to use pens that give him a strong line. To strengthen Philadelphia’s community of cartoonists, daily and weekly newspapers, online or in print, should increase the use of comic strips. Aaron Krolikowski‘s https://medium.com/@ajkrolikowski first comic character was OMT; he lived in a junk yard with his best friend and had fun with him in a town called Goonersburg.

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