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A photographic language that fascinates and disturbs Imagine you received this photo of me. It is a re-enactment of a historical battle, with a soldier in the foreground wearing a red and black uniform and a hat with a red feather. The soldier holds a musket and a backpack in his hands. The background is a field with smoke and …

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FULLY APPRECIATE WHAT PHILLY CAN OFFER YOU – Journey to the city of brotherly love and artistic whimsy

An ancient city, but also a sacred places for a creative Creating, growing and doing are the common denominator of those who sing or draw, write or imagine a new way of dressing. Everywhere, and always, the attempt to resolve a conflict generated by unsatisfied desires, which we call creativity, is the driving force that feeds the dreams of a …

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THE UNCONVENTIONAL ARTIST WITH INFINITE INTERESTS – Man Ray, casual but not indifferent photographer

What matters is the idea, not the camera His body ws buried in the Montparnasse cemetery, where you can read the epitaph: Nonchalant, but not indifferent. Le violon d’Ingres, one of his photographic portraits from 1924, depicted the naked back of a model retouched with marker strokes, a true creative genius in the form of two violin Effe. Born in …

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