JOURNEY TO THE PARADISE OF THE GODS – Indonesia, one of the trendiest destinations in the world

Indonesia, where you will no longer need to dream

The most intense of its memories, which is quite natural, will be that of its perfume. Inevitably, however, it will be by thinking of a terraced rice paddy that you will see this island inside your mind. Rarely, but it happens, some people feel like an excruciating nostalgia for its horizons. The island is famous for a surfer’s paradise. The Land of the Gods attracts with its natural beauty. Bali offers you the spectacle of volcanoes, forests and terraced rice fields, but also colorful dances and ceremonies, nightlife and temples that appear to have been carve by the hand of God.

About a three-hour drive from Jakarta, you can spend a weekend enjoying Bandung‘s nature and food Choose your hotel; browse the incredible list of restaurants that even serve Dutch cuisine. Not far away is Lembang, with its stunning scenic areas and attractions for all tastes. Once upon a time only the inhabitants of Jakarta knew about it, but now tourists from all over the world come for its street food. You will have to choose whether to eat deep-fried goreng, grilled bakar or panggang, but you will certainly enjoy tempeh, a soy pie that is high in protein and fiber.

It used to be anglers’ place, but now it is a real gateway to exoticism in East Nusa Tenggara. At the western tip of Flores Island is the town of Labuan Bajo, with many wonders waiting to be explore. On the island of Seraya Kecil (near Labuan Bajo), for a dream location, the Seraya Resort Komodo offers you a beach where you can stop dreaming. You want everything.

Welcome to the most important cultural center of Indonesia. Yogyakarta is the cradle of civilization on Java, the place that produced the magnificent temples of the 8th and 9th centuries. Experience the walk through The Kraton Living Museum and go where silversmiths produce admirable jewelry. To go shopping ask where Malioboro Road is, to wait for the most beautiful sunrise of your life, in Magelang choose the Prambanan or Borobudur temple.

It seems the cradle of tranquility, the perfect place to free yourself from everyday apprehensions. Still, this lake created by the largest volcanic eruption ever will blow your mind. Are you looking for a natural wonder of the world? Lake Toba  is a suitable destination. This volcanic lake, one of the deepest in the world (450 meters), offers you unspoiled scenery. You will be able to photograph many things, but to dissolve your worries, you just need to close your eyes and breathe deeply.

For an unusual experience, nothing better than hiring a horse-drawn carriage. Its streets are crowded, noisy and not well paved. Solo  was a center of power in Central Java. Immerse yourself in history with a bike ride through the remains of the ancient kingdom. Here you can dedicate your time to observe a delicate Solonese dance, photograph wayang puppets and choose a beautiful handcrafted batik.

You will have to go if you still do not know the meaning of fascinating! In the province of West Papua, away from the skyscrapers and congested traffic, there is an unspoiled paradise. Here, Mother Nature welcomes you with the wonders of Raja Ampat An archipelago with 1500 islands, among the largest marine parks in the world, it hosts 600 types of corals and 1397 marine species. You will only need fins, mask and snorkel. Dive in, look and do not think about anything anymore.

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