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JOURNEY TO THE PARADISE OF THE GODS – Indonesia, one of the trendiest destinations in the world

Indonesia, where you will no longer need to dream The most intense of its memories, which is quite natural, will be that of its perfume. Inevitably, however, it will be by thinking of a terraced rice paddy that you will see this island inside your mind. Rarely, but it happens, some people feel like an excruciating nostalgia for its horizons. …

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THE FRIENDLY WORLD OF A PHOTOGRAPHER – Andreas Darwins Triadi, the icon of photography in Indonesia

Explore and create photographically, as a spirit and a lifestyle His journey into photographic expressiveness is know for being able to show something different. In Kohn, Germany, in 1990 he presented a slide of his at the Photo Kina International Competition.  He showed his work in an international magazine in 1990, but his interest in photography dates back to 1979. …

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