FROM MUMBAI TO MYSORE, BETWEEN PANI PURIS AND NANDI HILLS – A simple way to show respect and say hello: namaste, go for it

Into an harmonious country, where do not worry about safety

If you are looking for colours, flavours & timelessness, choose your destination and the best places to visit in the state of Karnataka In the south-west of India, bathed by the Arabian Sea, in the south-west you will find the magnificent Mysore temples. Hampi, former capital of the Vijayanagara Empire, instead gives you what remains of the beauty of Hindu temples, stables for elephants and even a stone carriage.

Not to miss shopping visit when in Mumbai, stay on the roads stacked with artificial jewellery, or simply for goggles. Into the city of dreams, if you are a night observer, these places will charm you and hold your interest, but only walking tour.The memory of Mumbai is also in what you eat. In the food stalls of the markets, you will find the spicy Pani Puris, tandoori chicken and Seekh Kebab.Take the opportunity to visit the magical world of Bollywood, book a tour. You will be able to see film footage, and perhaps even famous celebrities.

For some it is a retiree’s paradise, for others it is the Oxford of the East. It preserves its historical past, but also embraces modernity. Located 118 km from Mumbai, Pune is know as the cultural capital of Maharashtra. This city is home to the Iyengar Yoga Institute, but also the right place for those looking for an adrenaline rush: just choose between paragliding and jungle trekking.

Whether with an organized tour or do it yourself, think about how to dress up during your stay in India What we want is to dress appropriately for the host country, so far away, different and with a very different climate from ours. Do not worry. It is not difficult. In this article, we will give you quick and easy tips on clothing to take on your trip. How much does it cost to dress in Mumbai? For a pair of leather shoes you will need forty euros, thirty for a pair of jeans and the same amount for a summer dress for a woman.

Cubbon Park is Bangalore‘s most famous attraction, but if you love greenery, you will need to enter Lalbagh to see a curious bonsai garden. To escape the city life, instead, try Nandi Hills, a hill station located near the city. On the streets of this city, you will find delicious food, but they have no seats – be patient, the taste of the food is fantastic. Look for the Central Tiffin Room on Margosa Road, what is best for eating real South Indian Street Food.

It is surrounded by beautiful natural surroundings, has a Ganesh temple and is located on the banks of the Luni River. Raipur is far from a classic tourist itinerary, but it is a perfect representation of the rural life of Rajasthan. If you are also looking for an authentic atmosphere, arriving at Lakshman Sagar you will have the opportunity to experience formidable mud and stone cottages.

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