A CAMPURSARI-STYLE SONGWRITER – Didi Kempot, the minstrel of broken hearts

A brilliant musical creator among the bitterness of love

By telling stories, he was the first to connect how a broken heart hurts. The Ambyar generation is relate to this famous Indonesian singer. He has written nearly 700 songs in his native Javanese language. His musical lyrics were writ in Javanese. More than using a style, Didi Kempot https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xo9egupmgoE expressed himself musically in a mixture of essences ranging from pop to dangdut. Most of her songs dealt with the themes of broken hearts and unhappy love affairs. Dangdut’s image has changed from village music to contemporary music that can be enjoy by anyone.

The popularity of his songs with the heartbreak theme has led many young singers to follow this style. His popularity in recent years has helped change the image of dangdut popular music. Aside from Indonesia, he was also very popular in Suriname and the Netherlands, countries with Javanese populations. In the 1990s, Balapan Station, which became a musical hit throughout Indonesia. Didi Kempot‘s fame https://www.amazon.com/Best-Didi-Kempot/dp/B07CGYTSB6 increased significantly after the album of the same name reached the music charts in the Indonesian market. Her popularity dropped with the turn of the twentieth century, but a few years later, he regained prominence among the young.

The new dangdut has changed musical culture, so audiences are free to cry while listening to heartbreaking songs. The heartbreak feeling of his music can be not heard and celebrate by dancing. He was born in Surakarta in 1966. His father was a comedian and songwriter who performed on the traditional theater stage. The exclusivity of his heartbreaking Javanese songs makes his music seem almost bizarre. In 2020, Didi Kempot https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Didi_Kempot streamed a live benefit concert from her home to help Indonesians affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

To represent feelings of heartbreak, you contributed to the popularization of the word ambyar. After dropping out of Surakarta Middle School, he moved to Samarinda, eventually returning to his hometown to start playing on the street. From 1996 to 1998, he recorded 10 albums. His Cidro was a hit in the Netherlands. In 1993, Didi Kempot https://infofamouspeople.com/famous/didi-kempot.htm went to Holland and found that her admirers knew that song. In 1996, she toured Suriname, where he was famous among local Javanese descendants. He died on a day in May 2020, in Surakarta, his hometown.

STATION BALAPAN – At Balapan train station, a city not to be missed you and me, when I accompany your departure to Balapan train station we feel like people missing something. You leave me; I do not feel tears dripping down my cheek, hello honey, hello, goodbye. The promise only went for a while, you said do not do anything, you said goodbye to Balapan station. Promise to when just for a while, even without sending news, forgotten or to be forgotten, if you remember, please go back to the Balapan train station, the only one in the city not to be missed. The promise only went on for a while, you said not until a month, you said goodbye when he was at Balapan station. Promise when just for a while, even without sending news, forget or forget, if you remember, go back to the Balapan train station, the only one in the city not to be missed. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ERH301rRuc8

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