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IN THE LAND WHERE TO SHAPE YOUR DESTINY – Six Indonesians who shaped the imagination

Smile, it is cool, but doing it creatively is better Our journey into Indonesian creativity begins with a painter. Even in Indonesia, in fact, there are painters who paint the sun in an essential way, representing it with a yellow spot. We like to introduce one of the painters born in this “Land of the Gods”, a man who has …

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A CAMPURSARI-STYLE SONGWRITER – Didi Kempot, the minstrel of broken hearts

A brilliant musical creator among the bitterness of love By telling stories, he was the first to connect how a broken heart hurts. The Ambyar generation is relate to this famous Indonesian singer. He has written nearly 700 songs in his native Javanese language. His musical lyrics were writ in Javanese. More than using a style, Didi Kempot https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xo9egupmgoE expressed …

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