TIMELESESS THEMES INTO 20TH CENTURY ROOTED PAINTINGS – Simon Quadrat, the unguarded moment’s painter

When childhood all supplement memory, feeding imagination

If you are looking for London‘s Naive Art Museums, you need to know about the British Folk Art Collection https://britishfolkartcollection.org.uk/origins-of-the-collection/. In 1993, the Peter Moores Foundation http://www.roh.org.uk/support/trusts-and-foundations/peter-moores-foundation acquired the Collection, now housed in Compton Verney (Warwickshire). Upon entering the Tate London Museum https://www.tate.org.uk/art/art-terms/n/naive-art, you will find that naive art refers to artists who have not had formal artistic training, such as the painter Simon Quadrat.

Each his ambiguous painting seeks to tell a story, one left to the viewer to determine. His work is in a number of private collections. He established career and reputation as a painter of strong technical ability and memorable images. His first artwork to be offer in 2020 at auctiont Rosebery´s Fine Art Auctioneers was The Open Window. Simon Quadrat works https://www.mutualart.com/Artist/Simon-Quadrat/91E7BF28EDB548E0/Biography was feature in several exhibitions at key galleries and museums, including the Panter & Hall Gallery.

With time, the need to put a human perspective into his paintings has grown. In 2004, he was elect to be an Academician of the Royal West of England Academy. Reading and visiting art galleries became part of his lifestyle. Born in London, during his school years Simon Quadrat https://www.newenglishartclub.co.uk/artists/simon-quadrat-neac-pprwa had painted factories and urban landscapes, but had no thought of becoming an artist. He read law at university, becoming a criminal barrister in London and Bristol.

His painting live in memory, imagination and cultural references. When not at work, he spent many hours painting and playing the piano. After thirty years, Simon Quadrat https://sladersyard.wordpress.com/simon-quadrat-pprwa/ had urge to paint professionally, to become a full time artist. As for his work, the paintings must speak for themselves. Documentary films and archive photographs recording images of his childhood feed the imagination, metamorphosing into his painting.

His approach to painting has evolved, while his subject matter has remained unpredictable. His approach to painting has evolved, while his subject matter has remained unpredictable. Since 2000, Simon Quadrat https://www.artsy.net/artist/simon-quadrat work has been exhibit in one-man shows in London, Bristol, Bath, and Cambridge. He was elect President of the Royal West of England Academy. In 2012, he moved to Aldbourne village.

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