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THE PAINTER OF LIGHT – William Turner and emotional chromaticity

“I have to inform you, we have lost him.” William Turner was born in London in the spring of 1775 and died in Chelsea in 1851 on the threshold of winter. He could not have known that he would open the doors of Impressionism, instead, he became a romantic painter and printmaker. Growing up, he chose a style in which …

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TIMELESESS THEMES INTO 20TH CENTURY ROOTED PAINTINGS – Simon Quadrat, the unguarded moment’s painter

When childhood all supplement memory, feeding imagination If you are looking for London‘s Naive Art Museums, you need to know about the British Folk Art Collection https://britishfolkartcollection.org.uk/origins-of-the-collection/. In 1993, the Peter Moores Foundation http://www.roh.org.uk/support/trusts-and-foundations/peter-moores-foundation acquired the Collection, now housed in Compton Verney (Warwickshire). Upon entering the Tate London Museum https://www.tate.org.uk/art/art-terms/n/naive-art, you will find that naive art refers to artists who …

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