EXPRESSIONISM, BETWEEN SOCIAL UPHEAVALS AND EMOTIONS – Zeng Fanzhi, the artist heavily influenced by physical and emotional circumstances

A desire for research between Asian art and western influences

Walking, here you can clearly perceive the contrast between the present and the past. This place in Beijing takes its name from a factory that was born there in the 1950s. In 2003, the place was designate by American Time Magazine as one of the top 22 most famous places of interest in the world. Famous for its exhibitions and its extraordinary creative laboratory, District 798 is a point of reference for culture urban scene. Industrial plants and pipelines, red brick walls and slogans of many eras and battles, workers in uniform and visitors blend perfectly in this place, offering you the opportunity to warm your curiosity before knowing that of the painter Zeng Fanzhi.

When he was in art school, he paid a particular interest in German expressionist painters. Largely influenced by Expressionism, in addition to being one of Asia’s most financially successful artists, he is one of the most popular artists of his era. Intuitive psychological sense and carefully calibrated expressionist technique are what characterize your creative talent. Zeng Fanzhi is a Beijing-based contemporary Chinese artist. From the early stages of his career, his paintings were mark by their emotional immediacy.

During his third year of schooling, he began to learn more about the expressionists approaches to painting. When one of his contemporary Chinese art pieces was sold for $9.6 million in Hong Kong, in 2008 he set a world auction record. From the earliest stages of his career, his paintings have been marked by emotional directness, together carefully calibrated expressionistic technique. Moving to Beijing in the early 1990s, Zeng Fanzhi art displayed an immediate shift. Observing his Mask series, you can perceive the tensions between the artist’s dominant existential concerns and his new contemporary urban life.

By the time his first show came to fruition, he had gained own style and respect in the Chinese art scene. He was born in 1964 in Wuhan, attending Hubei Academy of Fine Arts and growing up during the Cultural Revolution. His representation of raw, exposed flesh or awkwardly oversized hands play against the composed appearances of his subjects. In this way, Zeng Fanzhi show you an ironic treatment of emotional performance, like a metaphor for a lost self. He has been exhibit all over the globe in venues such as the National Art Museum of China, Santa Monica Art Centre and Le Musée d’Art moderne de la Ville de Paris.

The scenes he witnessed in a clinic, near where he lived, inspired his first mature series. Zeng Fanzhi shows a pessimistic view of the world, by using expressionist technique shined through in his works, with an extreme expression in the eyes of the characters. Such as example, hands and joints of his hospital patients are oversized, with red colors anger of sorts. Confronting yourself with his paintings, you remain alone, letting yourself be transport into the inner world of the artist.

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