EXPRESSIONISM, BETWEEN SOCIAL UPHEAVALS AND EMOTIONS – Zeng Fanzhi, the artist heavily influenced by physical and emotional circumstances

A desire for research between Asian art and western influences Walking, here you can clearly perceive the contrast between the present and the past. This place in Beijing takes its name from a factory that was born there in the 1950s. In 2003, the place was designate by American Time Magazine as one of the top 22 most famous places …

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THE UNCONVENTIONAL MASTER OF CHINESE ART – Lin Fengmian: earning the title of The Four Great Academy Presidents.

Favoring a square format, employing bright hues. Yo can visit its Xiangji Temple, built during the Northern Song Dynasty. Painter Lin Fengmian created its China Academy of Art. The town it sits at the head of bay, which separates Shanghai and Ningbo. Here, Hangzhou has been one of the most prosperous cities for much of the last millennium. The city’s …

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LIU YE, CHINESE PAINTER – When amblyopia does not destruct art works.

When seeking beauty, is the last chance for human beings. Top art galleries you cannot miss in Beijing? With roofs adorned with gold glazed tiles, the National Art Museum of China (with a collection of over 100,000 pieces of art) waiting for you. The opposite? The Today Art Museum, features contemporary art (its collection includes also works by Chinese artists). …

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