THIS IS THE LIFE – Amy Macdonald, the singer-songwriter who put a fruit of her creativity online for free

Doing what you like, without praying to anyone

Francis Healy, frontman of Travis, is her greatest source of inspiration. Born in 1987, she achieved international success with her first album. For the use she makes of her own voice, she has been brought up to Alison Moyet. She is a Scottish singer-songwriter from Glasgow. 5 years after the last album, in 2017 she released the album Under Stars and the videos of Automatic and Down by the Water were published on YouTube. In her youth, Amy Macdonald dreamed of listening to the music of famous singers live. The writing of A Curious Thing lasted two years, during one of her concert tours.

When she married a St. Johnstone footballer in 2018, she wore a long white train dress, adding an elegant crown. Thanks to musical participation, Amy Macdonald entered into an agreement with Vertigo Records, releasing the single Poison Prince (a song about Pete Doherty’s life). A Curious Thing was her second album, released in 2010. The sound of this record was harder than that of This Is the Life, between brit-pop and folk, led the singer to reach international fame. Her dog Squeaky follows her everywhere, and is her co-star on Instagram.

Her career continued with hit songs that made her the star of international pop music. Some tracks of her musical pieces grow on the theme of love, while in other pieces she offers her own criticism of the models imposed by modern mass media. Following the How to Play a Guitar tutorials, on the Internet, at the age of twelve, she started using her father’s guitar. Amy Macdonald has been know since 2008, thanks to the single This Is the Life. Three years later, the meeting with a music community of local musicians gives her the opportunity to perform in shows in the Glasgow area.

THIS IS THE LIFE – Oh, the wind whistles down the cold dark street tonight, and the people they were dancing to the music vibe. And the boys chase the girls, with curls in their hair while the shocked too many sit way over there, and the songs get louder each one better than before, and you singing the song thinking this is the life, and you wake up in the morning, and your head feels twice the size. Where you going to go, where you going to go, where you going to sleep tonight? And you singing the song thinking this is the life and you wake up in the morning and your head feels twice the size. Where you going to go, where you going to go, where you going to sleep tonight? Where you going to sleep tonight. So you are heading down the road in your taxi for four and you are waiting outside jimmy’s front door

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