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WHERE THE STONES SPEAK – Author’s journey to Scotland

Shades of Scottish creativity Glasgow, Edinburgh and Newarthill, Tipton, Dalkeith and Gretna Green. Welcome where creativity is able to manifest itself in places full of history, but also in remote villages wrapped in the scent of salt. Among the many possibilities of a trip to Scotland https://www.visitscotland.com/, there is a special one, but to live it you will need to …

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THIS IS THE LIFE – Amy Macdonald, the singer-songwriter who put a fruit of her creativity online for free

Doing what you like, without praying to anyone Francis Healy, frontman of Travis, is her greatest source of inspiration. Born in 1987, she achieved international success with her first album. For the use she makes of her own voice, she has been brought up to Alison Moyet. She is a Scottish singer-songwriter from Glasgow. 5 years after the last album, …

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