THE FIRST POET OF ITALIAN LITERATURE – Francesco, the poor man of Assisi

The canticle of the Creatures

Who at least has not imagined breaking with ordinary life, imagining spending the rest of their days in a remote place, where to separate the superfluous from the essential? Forbes has compiled the ranking of the most remote places on our planet. There are also in Italy with places to find peace, in Tuscany, Umbria and Marche,, where the welcome inspired by silence has become a lifestyle.

The hermitage of the prisons stands near some natural caves, frequented by hermits already in the early Christian era. Located 4 kilometers from Assisi, at 791 meters above sea level on the slopes of Mount Subasio, the hermitage is a place where Francesco d’Assisi and his followers retired to pray and meditate in a forest of ancient holm oaks and small chapels, where pilgrims withdraw in contemplation

A holy man who preached and listened to man and beast alike, allows wisdom to come back to us through the voices of those creatures, providing us with a classic of Franciscan spirituality. For him, all that God had created was good. The Canticle of the Creatures is the most famous prayer of Francis of Assisi, one of the first poetic expressions of the Italian language. It is a hymn of thanksgiving. Involves the whole world, because that man who had become poor perceived that he had received everything from God.

THE CENTICLE OF THE CREATURES – To you only Good Lord glory and honor are confessed. Every praise and blessing to you, only to you are they fitting. That the most high You are and nothing worthy is you mention. My Lord praised you with Your creatures.

The Canticle of the creatures had been composed with a musical accompaniment, which however was lost. The text of the thirteenth century mixes elements of the Old Testament with linguistic expressions typical of the Umbrian vernacular of the time. In an attitude of humility and gratitude, Francis of Assisi gives you thanks to the Lord for all creation, where nature reflects the image of the Creator. The Canticle ends with the celebration of death as a liberation from earthly life.

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