CREATIVE PEOPLE, BETWEEN INSPIRATION AND MEANING OF ART TRAVEL – There are no foreign lands. You only are a foreign, between Pretoria and Johannesburg

Five moments on the South Africa road, remind you of where why you chose to get there

When you browse through the Santu Mofokeng photo book, you will remember a bookstore in Johannesburg, the same city where you bought an Nkhensani Manganyi t-shirt. The Apartheid Museum will bring back to your memory Soweto and the poems of Keosapetse Kgositsile, while Don Lakae and the Jarr Bar will contribute to forming the soundtrack of the sounds of Pretoria. The fifth South African creative who will accompany you on your trip to South Africa is Alexis Preller, a painter who will color your memories,

Bridge Books sells new and second-hand books. It is a bookstore hosts exciting events and workshops. With many international titles for sale (focus on African writers), in downtown Johannesburg. To remember your African trip, try to find a book by South African photographer Santu Mofokeng,

Heralded for his ambivalent portrayals of townships life in South Africa, Santu Mofokeng had become a member of the Afrapix collective, documentary photographer and independent artist. His groundbreaking series of publications it was the result of his multi-year collaboration between a bookmaker and an editor.

Everywhere, age and social position live through the clothes that people wear. The mix of cultures and ethnic groups of South Africa also offers you the opportunity to observe their style in dressing. The Ndebele tribe is renowned for its beaded decorations. In the Xhosa and Zulu cultures, women’s clothing shows the different phases of a woman’s life. Probably you too, in memory of your trip to South Africa, will want to buy an unmistakable anti-apartheid T-shirt designed by Nkhensani Manganyi, the designer who created Stoned Cherrie.

South African actor, fashion designer and entrepreneur, she is best know as the founder and creative director of a fashion label. Her work also includes eyewear and upholstery. In 2000, Nkhensani Manganyi started the fashion house Stoned Cherrie. One of her company’s better-known t-shirt designs featured the face of an anti-apartheid activist, murdered by the state security forces.

As you move through permanent exhibits, you will experience an emotional journey through South Africa’s history. Its paths follow the country through decades of oppression. Through photos and film footage, the Apartheid Museum it portrays the apartheid story. Soweto (southwest of Johannesburg), it was an area of planned segregation. In 1976, its uprisings sought to overthrow the apartheid. Here you can visit the Hector Pieterson Museum In addition, the Keorapetse Kgositsile memory still live here.

He lived the peak of his literary career in exile, in the United States, from 1962 until 1975. He was a South African Tswana poet and political activist. He made an extensive study of African-American literature and culture. Keorapetse Kgositsile born into a September day 1938 in Johannesburg, becomed member of the African National Congress and South Africa’s National Poet Laureate in 2006. He began a self-imposed exile in Tanzania, writing for Spearhead magazine.

Where to find good music in Pretoria? You can try small live music venues, and Jarr Bar is also the perfect venue. Tucked away behind the Botanical Gardens, it is a small venue, the perfect place for a more intimate music-listening experience. Maybe, you too will listen something by Don Laka.

He had role in developing the dance music form known as kwaito. Don Laka, born into a December day 1958 in Mamelodi (Pretoria), is a South African songwriter jazz musician, co-founder of Kalawa Jazzmee. He finished the Royal School of Music on the classical guitar, obtaining his license in high school music teaching.

Best things to do in Pretoria? Enter Kruger House, the one-time home of President Paul Kruger, who rose to popularity by leading the Transvaal War against Britain. Hapo at Freedom Park, a museum tells you South African history. Why go to Afroboer? It is a classic place to go, where grab a mushroom shakalaka or boerewors sandwich. Pretoria Art Museum South African collection includes work by Gerard Sekoto and Judith Mason, but you can try to find also something by Alexis Preller.

Toghether influences by Van Gogh and Piero della Francesca, his work have shades of expressionism and surrealism. Alexis Preller had worked as a clerk, before his art career. He was born on a September day 1911 in Pretoria, than left moving in England where he studied art. In 1935 moving for Paris, visiting museums and art galleries, becoming one of the most innovative artists of his time.

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