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CREATIVE PEOPLE, BETWEEN INSPIRATION AND MEANING OF ART TRAVEL – There are no foreign lands. You only are a foreign, between Pretoria and Johannesburg

Five moments on the South Africa road, remind you of where why you chose to get there When you browse through the Santu Mofokeng photo book, you will remember a bookstore in Johannesburg, the same city where you bought an Nkhensani Manganyi t-shirt. The Apartheid Museum will bring back to your memory Soweto and the poems of Keosapetse Kgositsile, while …

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THE SOUTH AFRICA’S GAUGUIN – Alexis Preller: Painting in unique style, isolated from the artistic movements

Painting way woven out of the mystique of Africa Best things to do in Pretoria? Enter Kruger House, the one-time home of President Paul Kruger, who rose to popularity by leading the Transvaal War against Britain. Hapo at Freedom Park, a museum tells you South African history. Why go to Afroboer? It is a classic place to go, where grab …

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