AN OPPORTUNITY TO BUILD AN AFRICAN BRAND – Nkhensani Manganyi: Celebrate South Africa’s new sense of identity

Explore in a creative way what it means to dress African, in the 21st Century

Everywhere, age and social position live through the clothes that people wear. The mix of cultures and ethnic groups of South Africa also offers you the opportunity to observe their style in dressing. The Ndebele tribe is renowned for its beaded decorations. In the Xhosa and Zulu cultures, women’s clothing shows the different phases of a woman’s life. Probably you too, in memory of your trip to South Africa, will want to buy an unmistakable anti-apartheid T-shirt designed by Nkhensani Manganyi, the designer who created Stoned Cherrie.

South African actor, fashion designer and entrepreneur, she is best know as the founder and creative director of the Stoned Cherrie fashion label. Her work also includes eyewear and upholstery. In 2000, Nkhensani Manganyi started the fashion house Stoned Cherrie. One of her company’s better-known t-shirt designs featured the face of an anti-apartheid activist, murdered by the state security forces.

She holds a degree in Industrial Psychology and Sociology, then has written articles for Y-Mag and Going Up. She is also an actor, known for Soweto Green. As a spokesperson for diversity in African fashion, Nkhensani Manganyi has travelled through Africa. For her use of images of apartheid-era heroes as a recurring motif in its designs of T-shirts and cutaway tops, her company developed a high profile in South Africa.

She has travelled throughout the world as an entertainer, host and actor in a series of theatre plays. As an example of how designers develop, their collection, in the book “The Language of Fashion Design”, her image working in her Johannesburg studio is included. Some of Nkhensani Manganyi work was exhibite at the Fashion Institute of Technology, as part of the exhibition Black Fashion Designers. She is married to Zam Nkosi.

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