THE GEM OF THE WORLD, SO FAR AWAY FROM THE HUMAN MADNESS – New Zealand, a beautiful country to drive through, for the creative scenery and the vast scale of the places.

From English Christchurch, to the Maori of Te Awamutu, touching Wellington and Stratford.

Travelling to New Zealand means a holiday of limitless options. Prepare for your travel and enjoy one of the best countries on earth. Whatever your inspiration, here you can find an endless array of stunning places to visit, but allowing yourself to be accompanied by creative people who have contributed to increasing the whole artistic knowledge of that corner of the earth. In this way, you will make an author’s journey, that is, you will visit those places with the eyes and the sensitivity of writers and designers, photographers, painters and musicians of that country.

He has a strong interest in music, which you can perceive in much of his early work. Born 1947 in Christchurch, he is a New Zealand artist. His mid-1980s’ works often contained scenarios of crime and threat, featuring characters now reminiscent of 1990s’ comic strips. He attended Fine Arts into University of Canterbury. Although it was not until 1980 that he began exhibiting his paintings, BILL HAMMOND is now one of New Zealand’s most exciting contemporary artists. He has worked as a full-time painter since 1981, realizing paintings feature reference to popular music and gaunt creatures with avian heads and human limbs. By the mid-1990s, his paintings had assumed a haunting beauty, showing half-human, half-bird creatures that populated his canvases.

Born in Wellington (New Zealand) into a September day, 1918, into a family of artists, she one of Australasia’s most innovative textile designers of the 1940s. Her great grandfather and her grandfather were regarded Tasmanian landscape painters.  It was unusual to represent native flora on dress fabrics, but AVIS HIGGS based several of her designs on them. Designed in 1949 before she set out for Europe, here she had drawn a Kowha, the New Zealand native plant. Her designs can be divided into four broad themes: social, marine flora and fauna, and indigenous Pacific cultures.

In 1958 she moved to Wellington, where worked in various local photographic studios. By the Department of Māori Affairs, she had her first photograph published in on the cover of a magazine published. In 1962, ANS WESTRA began working as a full-time, freelance documentary photographer. For both Māori and Pakeha, her simplicity and tenacity has made her photographs such an integral insight into the history of New Zealand. On 2016, a museum was established dedicated to her work, located in Wellington, where visitors may view over 200 books featuring her’ images.

Reading her poems, you too can discover the sharpness of images and her wonderful ear for the musical sounds. Born 1956 in Stratford (New Zealand), she completed an MA in English in 1979, and she then moved to Canada to do a PhD at the University of British Columbia. She began publishing her poetry around 1980, producing her first book of poems in 1988. Her work has appeared twice in the Best New Zealand Poems series. In 1996, MICHELE LEGGOTT won the New Zealand Book Award for Poetry.

Born in Te Awamutu (Waikato region, North of New Zealand), in a June day, 1952, he started his passion for music at a young age. Musically influenced he acted like the Beatles, but also absorbing the communal singalongs of the native Maori people. TIM FINN formed his first group in 1972, with a bunch of his university friends as the lead singer, in both Australia and New Zealand. In 1983, he started to write the scores for films. In 1985, after the break up his band, he formed another band, Crowded House. Together his brother, they wrote most of the songs for album Woodface. In 2008, he released The Conversation, an intimate album recorded with violinist Miles Golding and keyboardist Eddie Rayner, along with guitarist Brett Adams.

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