EVEN THE DARKEST NIGHT WILL END – Victor Hugo: I want to be either Chateaubriand or nothing.

The whole of my work, one day will be like an indivisible whole.

Arousing widespread acclaim throughout Europe, his writings embraced all literary genres, from lyric poetry to historical and social fiction. An exponent of the romantic literary movement, VICTOR HUGO had accepted the vicissitudes of his life, capturing the nuances of the human soul. Born in Besançon on a day in February 1802, he became the father of French Romanticism.

In the church of Saint-Sulpice in Paris, in 1822 VICTOR HUGO had married a childhood friend of his, who gave him five children. The discovery of his wife’s betrayal led him to lead a life of libertinism, electing a theatrical actor for his lover, to whom he will dedicate many poems. A turning point in the history of literature took place in 1827, with the release of the historical drama Cromwell, considered the manifesto of new romantic theories.

He had started writing poetry since his early youth, publishing his first classical poetic collection at the age of 20. VICTOR HUGO is also the author of numerous drawings and some paintings. In addition to literary, political or philosophical texts, his work includes poetic compositions, dramas and novels. The following collections https://www.amazon.com/Selected-Poems-Victor-Hugo-Bilingual/dp/0226359808 introduce the themes of women, God and friendship, nature and power, alternating simplicity and sublime.

TOMORROW, AT DAWN – Tomorrow at dawn, when the countryside whitens, I will leave. You see, I know you are expecting me. I will go through the forests; I will go by the mountain. I cannot stay away from you any longer. I will walk with my eyes fixed on my thoughts, not seeing anything outside, not hearing any noise, alone, unknown, back bent, hands crossed, sad, and the day for me will be like the night. I will not look at the gold evening falling, nor at the far off boats sailing towards Harfleur, and when I arrive, will I put on your grave a bunch of green holly and heather in bloom.

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