WHEN FASHION DRESS THE EMPTY QUARTER OF A CONTINENT – Karen Daher: A new fashion, where rural women wear a rebozo.

Not only wear loose bombachas and neckerchief.

One of Paraguay’s most traditional crafts is the ñandutí (spider web, in the indigenous language Guaraní). Laces and embroidery occupy a big part of its dress culture. The style of dress is formal. Women wear a traditional shawl (a rebozo) and female’s skirt is usually made from ñandutí (a lovely lace), but traditional costume of Paraguay is poncho https://www.worldtravelguide.net/guides/south-america/paraguay/, which is worn by both men and women. There are no set patterns or colour schemes that should be followed.  Anything that looks good is acceptable. Perfect as a souvenir, in Asunción’s Mburicaó district, best place to buy ñandutí is at Ao P’oí Raity, a store full to the rafters with unusual crafts and delicated lace throws, tableclothes and quaint doilies.

Paraguay has exploded onto the world stage. With a fashion, reputation that is taking off internationally this country is a hotbed for creative and sustainable design. She has exhibited her babydoll-inspired designs at all the high-profile Fashion Weeks in neighbouring South American countriesBorn in 1983, she launches her first collection at the Asuncion Fashion Week with success. Eclectic designer KAREN DAHER http://www.lyonfabrics.com.py/karen-daher/ went on to study in the ultimate cradle of fashion, Milan. https://www.abc.com.py/tv/moda/desfile-de-karen-daher-503330.html.

She appeared on the book Young Fashion Designers Americas. She launched her first prêt-a-porter collection in her home country of Paraguay. If you are looking for something different (both for design and for fabrics), do not forget that KAREN DAHER mailto: info@kareendaher.com, launched its brand in 2005 (at the age of 23), with a line characterized by contemporary design that focuses on dresses for extroverted women https://www.abc.com.py/tv/moda/karen-daher-disenadora-503331.html.

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