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INTO A LAND OF EXTREMES – Paraguayan journey, together with special people

History and national parks to be discovered. All you have to do is decide where to begin. By allowing you to visit its tropical forests, Paraguay, is ready to offer its visitors breathtaking beauties and unique attractions in the world. Here you will live unforgettable experiences, which will bring you into contact with nature. But not only nature. Here …

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WHERE, SOMETIMES, GOING BACKWARD IT’S MOVING FORWARD – Travel Paraguay, where your memory remembers words, without forgets what is behind them.

Travelling where man with good memory remembers nothing, because he forgets nothing. After our trip to Argentina,, our basket of memories will be enriched with something new in Paraguay: Tereré perfume and empadas, the pleasant stay in a colonial Asuncion hotel and the charm of in book store (where to buy a nice art book). You will know what …

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WHEN FASHION DRESS THE EMPTY QUARTER OF A CONTINENT – Karen Daher: A new fashion, where rural women wear a rebozo.

Not only wear loose bombachas and neckerchief. One of Paraguay’s most traditional crafts is the ñandutí (spider web, in the indigenous language Guaraní). Laces and embroidery occupy a big part of its dress culture. The style of dress is formal. Women wear a traditional shawl (a rebozo) and female’s skirt is usually made from ñandutí (a lovely lace), but traditional …

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NOT ONLY PARAGUAY’S GUARANIA – El Cuarteto de Nos, away to the melancholic rhythms.

Let me relate to you, about rock and guarania. Be prepared to notice very different styles of music. Music in South America is often a way of life, and Paraguay‘s sound is just flavorful as the culture and food. They citizens of the country use music to express every emotion. Rock can be damn perfect. Therefore, here are Flou, an …

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ALSO FROM TREES HANGS THE BITTERNESS OF THE DUEL – Renée Ferrer de Arréllaga: When echo of the birds has turned the colour of ash.

Abandonment, in the flickering line of the silence. Sometimes, looking back on our most beautiful journeys, among the most precious memories appear those related to the aromas, flavors and colors of what we had eaten. This is why it is important to choose where and what to eat during your holiday. While you’re in Asuncion, remember that restaurant Tierra Colorada …

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THE EXCEPTIONAL REPRESENTATIVE OF SOCIAL REALISM – Olga Blinder: To promote the development of creativity in education.

Incisions close to abstraction, and more painting that is introspective. Visiting Paraguay, obviously you know things you must do in Asuncion. Its national beverage, Tereré, it is an infusion of yerba mate with cold water. You can rent all the necessary equipment and enjoy a Paraguayan experience and a leisurely afternoon. If you prefer get a bite to eat, Lido …

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