THE EXCEPTIONAL REPRESENTATIVE OF SOCIAL REALISM – Olga Blinder: To promote the development of creativity in education.

Incisions close to abstraction, and more painting that is introspective.

Visiting Paraguay, obviously you know things you must do in Asuncion. Its national beverage, Tereré, it is an infusion of yerba mate with cold water. You can rent all the necessary equipment and enjoy a Paraguayan experience and a leisurely afternoon. If you prefer get a bite to eat, Lido Bar is famous for its traditional food, such as empanadas, traditional chipa guazu or fish soup. For your time to relax?  Gran Hotel Del Paraguay, it is characterized by its colonial construction, where each room you transports to a world of memories. Into the bookstore Aída Libros, all started around 15 years ago. Now, you too can enter asking for art book regarding introspective paint by a Paraguayan special woman.

When young, OLGA BLINDER did a drawing course by correspondence. She was born in Asunción in 1921 and lived during difficult stages of Paraguayan history. Since childhood, she liked to draw; her father supported her in this. Creatively maturing, she torn between concern for the formal and interest in the expressive. In 1948, he attended a painting course at the Paraguayan University, but decisive influence matured with the arrival of João Rossi, who brought his students to the Vanguadian tendencies. Some of the early works show a concern for social issues, with evident influence of Picasso and Cubism.

The compositions of OLGA BLINDER are also realised with objects belonging to the artist (painting box, palette and brushes or the shopping bag every day). Observing well, in all his paintings an allusion to the woman is heard, even without representing it directly. One of her most famous pieces of art is her painting (Pareja Triste) depicts two individuals and their facial features seems to be mirror images of each other. You can admire her works at the Museo Del Barro, located on the outskirts of Asunción.

She has prestige as a promoter of free expression in children, through design and painting. You can find Expressionism explained in her engravings. In her designs, there is a marked lyricism. In her paintings, the work is in stages characterized by her creational line. As a painter, OLGA BLINDER has developed a work characterized by the sincere of her own expression. Observing her 1953 painting “Maternidad” (oil on canvas, 60 x 50 cm), you can see that the theme chosen for representation is part of the range of situations taken from everyday reality.

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