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JOSEPH DECAMP (1858/1923), AMERICAN PAINTER – Painter and art educator with a long-time teaching assignment.

When portrait paintings it’s the focus.

Have you decided where to go to sleep? Try Kirkwood Inn, a romantic motel with a complimentary breakfast and an outdoor pool. In this town you can find a large community of working art­ists Cincinnati Opera and a variety of theaters. From its 18th-century beginnings, music was a Cincinnati social and civilizing influence. Whatever your taste in arts, you’ll find an ex­ceptional experience here, such as the Clifton Performance Theatre that you offers classes, workshops and musical and artistic events. Here, where a famous american painter was born, you can also visit something special: The Carew Tower. It’s stands 49 stories tall in the heart of the town. Visiting the Observation Deck, you too can enjoy one of the city’s most spectacular views.

He became known as a member of the Boston School, also becoming a founder of the Ten American Painters. Born into a November day in Cincinnati (Ohio), JOSEPH DECAMP went to the Royal Academy of Munich, also spending time in Florence (Italy). From 1903, until his death, he was a faculty member at Massachusetts Normal Art School, taughting painting classes at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston. At the Rockland Farnsworth Art Museum you can admire one of his oil painting at the Albert Hayden Chatfield portrait

After spending time in Gloucester, he became much more committed to Impressionism. As you can perceive, his work reflected both realism and impressionism, and he was best known for his figure paintings of women in interiors and in nude poses. The Dutch Masters (especially that of Jan Vermeer), influenced many of his future paintings.In his Boston studio, a 1904 fire destroyed hundred of his early paintings. The portrait paintings it’s his focus, and you can find relatively his few landscapes. If you wish closer observe JOSEPH DECAMP 1909 The Blue Cup (painting oil on canvas), you can visit the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston

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