A GIFTED SINGER-SONGWRITERS INTO AMERICAN SCENE – Willie Nile / When an early career it’s interrupted by various problems.

The creative son of a gregarious Irish family.

History buff? You too can relive where President Theodore Roosevelt took the oath of office. Enjoy art and entertainment? You can spend the morning with Andy Warhol, at the Albright-Knox Art Gallery. There’s no better place to enjoy seafood in Buffalo. Oshun https://www.facebook.com/pages/Oshun/1537584879860756 is a special Downtown destination if you’re are looking to slurp down some of the aphrodisiacal mollusk. It’s housed in a modern Art Deco-styled building, with an extensive bar you offer oyster happy hours and appetizers. In a never-ending array of visual delights, you’ll also find countless artist-run studios and public works of art tucked away throughout the city of Buffalo, such as one of America’s largest and oldest outdoor art experiences: the Griffis Sculpture Park. Right under this sky, the authorof “Children of Paradise” was born, a very famous American singer-songwriter.

WILLIE NILE was born in Buffalo (New York) into a June day 1948. His early career was interrupted by various problems, but he eventually returned to performing. He has performed with several musicians (including Elvis Costello and Barenaked Ladies). His grandfather (and two older brothers was a pianist), while the mother used to always listen music in the house. While beginning his music career, he studied philosophy and lived in Greenwich Village, where he saw performers (such as the Ramones and Talking Heads). After his second album, he became involved with legal problems which curtailed his career for some years. His live performances are legendary. He has toured across the U.S. singing also with Bruce Springsteen. His artistic renaissance continues unabated. In 2014 he released an album of piano-based songs, to critical acclaim. At the Independent Music Awards, his album American Ride won “Best Rock Album of the Year”. On 2018 WILLIE NILE released the album “Children of Paradise”, given excellent reviews. About him a review had written he has a lot to say, and you just need to listen while he unravel the mystery that is the troubled beauty of America, as you can understand by listening to this song.

LIFE ON BLEECKER STREET – I live in a basement of a building, in a building of a street in this town, in a building on a street in a neighborhood complete. With the garbage and the sun going down I work in the office of a rich man, at a desk with a pencil in my rear, vive days a week where I rarely get to speak as I watch my future slowly disappear. This is life on Bleecker Street, where the tourists shuffle to a boom box beat, old men sit and stare at their feet, this is life on Bleecker Street. The owner of the deli is a “Yes Maam”, he ogles all the woman going by, he tries to be discreet from his window on the street, he’s a “how ya going honey” kind a guy. People talk revolution in the cafes, they debate right and wrong while they drink there are buses there are cars there are shiny movie stars, there are starving artists standing on the brink. This is life on Bleecker Street, where the tourists shuffle to a boom box beat, old men sit and stare at their feet, this is life on Bleecker Street. All kinds of people come from who knows where, all kinds of people who knows how much they care who knows how much. The lady with the jewels and the Nikon wants to photograph another souvenir she’s looking for a sexy New York icon, to prove to someone she was really here. I meet my baby on the Bowery in the dark of the Lower East Side, in a city made of stone we can finally be alone.

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