FEDERICO AGUILAR ALCUAZ 1/2 – He was born in Santa Cruz (Manila) in 1932 and graduated from Fine Arts at the University of Philippines. Among his professors were the pillars of Philippine art. After 1955 he decided to do art full-time, winning numerous awards for his works. After he studied at the Academia de Bellas Artes de San Fernando in Madrid, then he moved to Barcelona. In 2007 the Philippinian government rewarded him with the Medal of Presidential Merit. After study he continued to become familiar with the art of Europe. Visiting the National Museum In Manila, you can admire his works http://www.nationalmuseum.gov.ph/nationalmuseumbeta/Collections/Fine%20Art.html

FEDERICO AGUILAR ALCUAZ 2/2 – He belongs to the second generation of Filipino modernists, after which he has made abstract art remarkably, being fundamentally known for his acrylic and oil paints (as well as for his designs in ink, watercolor and pencil). As you can see, his works are very interesting not only for the sophistication he studied but also for his choice of light, color and composition. In the playful scenes painted by him, you can also perceive his love for classical music. His works are included in the collection of 20 museums (including the Museum of Contemporary Art in Barcelona, the Gulvenkian Museum in London, the Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw and the Philips Museum of the Netherlands.

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