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KENNE GREGOIRE 1/3 – He is a Dutch painter with several thematic areas, in which he explores different approaches. The most prominent it is the still life. Painting beauty, but also sadness, decay and deterioration. http://kennegregoire.com/ He has studied at the State Academy of Fine Arts in Amsterdam. In all of his work, he demonstrates a refined control of color, casting his subjects in muted light, and emphasizing their textural characteristics. In all compositions you can find decay and beauty. The objects in the still lives, are never new (but damaged, dented and rusty, with a life on their own.

KENNE GREGOIRE 2/3 – He approaches his work in a way that pushes the form, twisting perspective and hues, to create ambiguous situations. In 1976, at the invitation of the Italian Ministry of Culture, he made a study trip to Italy. For him, painting is the utmost way to capture your emotions. He uses techniques derived from the 17th century. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IoR_zuazgWI Amongst his work, you may find still lifes, buildings, landscapes and theatre scenes. Inside his painting, the original background (an old table, or a set of wooden planks), often come through the painting and become a part of the composition.

KENNE GREGOIRE 3/3 – He is associated with the movement New Dutch Realism (moves between still-life paintings and more surreal scenes), that capture a humane sadness and other complex emotions. The artist has commented on the limitations of the form (as both a sobering aspect of what he does, and something exciting). https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CPiKyX41wyY In order to depict the wear and tear of the objects, he uses subtle colours (which he applies with a high level of technical skills).

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