tanzania-1-1SAFARI IN TANZANIA http://www.tanzaniamagictours.com/tours/tanzania-lodge-safaris/ The safari is your ideal way to discover an incredible land, where the Kilimanjaro towering over the savannah (with its eternal snow), where you can learn about the parks of Ngorongoro and Manyara, even going to the island of Bongoyo. Endless horizons of the plains as far as the eye, impressive spaces where colors are added to a very abundant species of wildlife. In natural paradises of Tanzania, you can find the ideal ground for a dazzling mix of adventure and romance. You can choose accommodation in lodges and permanent tented camps with solid flooring, or luxury safaris (specially selected hotels where you will have a spacious room and good beds with linen ).cuba-2-1

TRAVELING BY CAR IN CUBA http://www.goatsontheroad.com/the-ultimate-guide-to-independent-travel-in-cuba/ Quiet! It is worth losing the road direction, traveling through Cuba by car. In fact, can you accidentally discover the lesser-known areas, between unforgettable landscapes. Cuba, is a mix of traditions, a crystalline sea and many amazing city. How can you know the magic of this island? With a car journey, obviously designed according to your needs. Starting from Havana, will leave behind you the memory of music overwhelming rhythm and gentle smiles of the people. Certainly Trinidad (beautiful colonial city), deserves to be included in your trip, because it is a city full of history and colors. Last leg? Varadero, a beach among the most beautiful in the Caribbean.islanda-3-1

NORTHERN LIGHTS IN ICELAND http://www.northernlightsiceland.com/northern-lights-forecast/ A show that is in second place of the travel experiences. One thing to do at least once in life. If there is a trip that suggests a nature, that’s the unforgettable trip to Iceland. Glaciers, volcanoes and geysers, but also the beautiful aurora borealis (visible in a particularly striking way in the winter nights). When can you look for the Northern lights in Iceland? From September to mid April. Any of those months is as likely as the next one to see some aurora activity, it just depends on your luck with the weather.logo-meeting-benches

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