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TRAVEL ABOUT YORKSHIRE – The impossible guide to Yorkshire County /England

leonardo-uomoVitruvian Man created by Leonardo da Vinci is a design, where a man in two overlapped positions (with arms and legs spread wide), is inscribed in a circle and a square. https://leonardodavinci.stanford.edu/submissions/clabaugh/history/leonardo.html Throughout the centuries, that image has become a cultural icon. Perfectly proportioned, the symmetry of the human anatomy is correlated with the symmetry of the universe. That man is you, inside your existential experience, where you breathe and see, hear, eat and feel it, also in time and space, above the Yorkshire http://meetingbenches.com/2016/10/west-riding-yorkshire-inner-landscapes/

During the Second World War, he was a broadcaster on the BBC. His Yorkshire background, is reflected in one of his fiction “The Good Companions”. John Boynton Priestley was born at Manningham, which he described as a suburb of Bradford. http://meetingbenches.com/2016/10/good-companions-novel-john-boynton-priestley/ Don’t forget to go to the northwest, where the West Riding of Yorkshire waiting for you in Bradford. Frederick Delius was born here, in the north of England http://meetingbenches.com/2016/10/yorkshires-musical-landscapes-frederick-delius/ He possesses a wide tenor vocal range, and is known for his falsetto singing techniques (and also to hitting high notes with his vocals). travel-about-yorkshire-3-1

Zayn Malik was born in Bradford http://meetingbenches.com/2016/10/bradfords-bad-boy-zayn-malik-waiting-one-direction/ They’re inner landscapes given material presence. Yorkshire’s physical landscapes are there, as a theatrical setting for what is going on your mind, looking photos or paintings. Their magnetism is that there is something that will remain mysterious. http://meetingbenches.com/2016/10/west-riding-yorkshire-inner-landscapes/ William Rothenstein was an English painter and writer on art. His father was emigrated from Germany in 1859, to work in Bradford textile industry. http://meetingbenches.com/2016/10/painter-encouraged-careers-experimental-artists-william-rothensteing-art-training-encourage-flexibility/ http://meetingbenches.com/2016/10/william-rothenstein-18721945-english-painter-paint-fears-loss-facility-draughtsmanship/  Also David Hockney was born in Bradford, and attended art school in London before moving to Los Angeles in the 1960s, where he painted his famous swimming pool paintings http://meetingbenches.com/2016/10/basing-background-colours-colours-feel-david-hockney-painting-listening-music/ http://meetingbenches.com/2016/10/david-hockney-english-painter-synesthetic-colours-response-musical-impulses/travel-about-yorkshire-1-1

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