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THE KEYS TO HEAVEN? IN FLORIDA: From the air, or water, in the same blue color. Not to mention a dinner at The Fish House

4What we are submerged is not water, but an incredible amount of beautiful travel stories, Florida. Twice already, Benches Meeting hosted the editorial contributions of friends and readers, but now we are forced to add a new one, because a reader sent us his email, along with the keys of heaven. Thank you, Georgia. For any reader who wishes to remain in link:

1.1No, my keys are not metal, and the lock is not a hole. My key is called “the Keys”, and my lock is the Caribbean Sea. Pleased to make your acquaintance. My name is Georgia and I live in Florida. My job is not particularly interesting (I’m lady at reception, in a landmark hotel in Key West), but as soon as I have some free time, I walk always a special highway, suspended between the Atlantic Ocean and Gulf of Mexico. Come with me, now I have free time, to accompany you in paradise for fishermen and divers.2.1

If you are not interested in fishing, no problem. I have an idea to suggest a couple of possible hikes. The first tip is to consider a special flight with ultra-light aircraft. At the 3101 North Roosevelt Boulevard Key West, you can choose a flight of “Highside Ultralights & Adventures” (ten minutes or half an hour, at an affordable cost). The second intriguing solution – but I hope you follow my advice either – it’s a catamaran cruise.

Like I said, with the two tours you can see Heaven from air and water, but for Heaven on the water, even now, writing these things on your travel diary: “Sunny Days Catamaran” (201 William Street, Key West), for a cruise to Fort Jefferson (a must destination for any visitor). Of course, you must be hungry, but if you are unsure of what to eat, you go to “The Fish House” – 102, 4 Atlantic side, in Key Largo – where you can choose between dishes of meat, fish or shellfish.3.1

When you keep my Heaven, do not forget le600 variety of fish living in the blue, and even the 30 species of coral (do not get caught up in the temptation to take a piece). To pamper yourself in the sun, remember the beach “Smathers Beach” (small, but charming), in Key West. The most sought-after prey – if you decide to make a fishing trip – are the fish Barracuda (aggressive), and Grouper (fights with a lot of force), but also the Bonefish and Sailfish. In Islamorada, you can go to “Bud’n ‘Mary’s Fishing Marina” – marker 80, the Atlantic side – but you will need to make an appointment to book your cruise during the day.5.1

On our last night in heaven, I will be with you at Mallory Pier, for gustarci the fiery sunset, but also music and entertainment unusual (Still, I know that you’re at the end of your holiday, and – perhaps – your budget spending is the limit. The show is free, and the sunset, the rest). Do not forget a photo next to the large pin of South Sreet (the southernmost point in the US). Last thing: if you have a slice of time, and love to read, go to 314 Simonton Street. Ernest Hemingway is not there, but he left his books. A hug, Georgia.

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