CHINESE DEPTHS: Looking at the relationship between man and nature, pruning magnolia trees and soft watercolor painting, along with the children, waiting for the autumn

potandoAlberi1PRUNING TREES – Po Chu-I

“Before my window grow trees;

tall trees and dense foliage grows.

Sad, alas, the distant view of the mountains:

obscured, between them, can be seen just

One morning I took a knife and hatchet;

with my own hands cut the flourishing branches.

Myriads of leaves fall around me in the head,

thousands of mountains appear before my eyes.

As to a bursting apart with fog or clouds

suddenly appears in the sky blue,

again as the face of a beloved friend

revised at last after an absence of centuries.

One by one the birds returning to the trees;

in search of peace look to the east:

wandering eyes and the thoughts go away.

It’s not that I did not love the tender branches

but it is even better to see the green mountains!”


tristezzaAutunno1CHINESE WATERCOLOR – T’Ai Li – Po

“Sottile rain revives

pink peach blossoms.

It seems sometimes disappears

the shadow

of a frightened doe.

so caressing

winds the river

that does not disturb her murmur

not even

a distant bell.

Peaks of bamboo

here and there pierce

the blue haze.

A frothy waterfall

s’appende to the sides of the mountain.”


magnolia1MAGNOLIA TREE – Wei-Li-Bo

“Tired of sweet day


in sleep

the tree of magnolia

open white hands.

Rests within the lunar

the splendor of flowers.”


acquerello1SADNESS OF AUTUMN – Li Po


the golden yellow clay

the Great Wall

he rides the white horse.

She dreams of making anybody and always thinking

beloved in war, in the hostile desert.

The fireflies touch her ​​window,

the moon caresses her hair,

and she,

abandoned his sadness

in the color of autumn leaves

Falling wilted,

seen by anyone

cries and moans


that the tears do not save anything.”


barche1CHILDREN – Po Chu-I

“My niece who is six years old

We call it “Miss Turtle”

And my daughter, who has three

It’s my little “Summer Dress”.

The first one learns the tricks and the first little words,

The other knows by now recite songs and poems,

  In the morning playing clinging to my legs,

And at night they sleep resting on my dress.

Girls, why are you so late arrived on earth,

I joined when my life was already over?

Beings cutest ever conquer us

And old easily they give their heart.

But the sweetest wine must one day turn sour

And the full moon must also decline.

And among men ties of love and affection

They can turn into weight of sorrow and thoughts.

As well, the whole world is bound by the networks of love,

Why I thought then that I’d escaped alone?”


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