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WHERE GEOGRAPHY DAZZLES IMAGINATION – New England on the go, among creative people and brilliant attitudes

Nothing that you cannot accomplish What was an artistic and literary movement of the twentieth century, born in Paris and involving all the arts, was born from the need to express creatively an invisible and irrational reality. Surrealism, in fact, fueled the interest of the poet André Breton and the writer Guillaume Apollinairee, as well as the interpretation of Sigmund …

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A DYNAMIC AND FREE BRUSHWORK, INTO REALISTICALLY PAINTED IMAGES – George Bellows, a painter able to straddle both the academic and progressive movements

Action scenes, expressive portraits and seascapes Portraiture immortalizes a person through the face, but more specifically with his eyes, the mirror of his soul. Posture and gestures also contribute to creatively inspire the painter, helping him to focus and capture what a subject tells him without speaking, such as contagious happiness or imprisoned sadness. Welcome to Columbus, in Ohio. Its …

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ANOTHER WAY FOR BEING TRAVELER – Six ways of saying travel, across the United States

Into the land of the free, home of the brave You can choose remote places and unique experiences, nostalgia for the past or attraction for the future. Travel thematically to the United States offers opportunities for all tastes. The horizon of your perspectives extends from the Hawaiian paradises to Florida, but you can also opt for itineraries of the …

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WHEN INSPIRED LEADER CAN ONLY BE SAUCE UPON THE PASTA – Robert Crichton: When you write a true, picaresque, story.

The story is the same, only the facts, names and places are different. Its two founding inhabitants they built a sawmill and a gristmill on the Bronx River. Now, it was the number one most expensive suburb around America’s ten largest cities. Bronxville village, comprises 1 square mile (2.5 km2) of land in its entirety. Looking for restaurant? Its …

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OBSERVE AND RETRACT, WHO WAS PASSING UNLESS – Norman Rockwell: A romantic chronicler, with a pencil.

The gift of condensing an entire story into an image. In this town, Museum of Arts and Culture, host exhibits cover such varying artists and subject matters. It also collaborates with performing arts troupes to present dance, dramatic and musical theater productions. Dine and Sail? Here, you too can will enjoy a unique 3-hour cruising (and dining) experience, on …

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Into the country that takes time to know its composite nature The intellectual property of the images that appear in this blog correspond to their authors. The sole purpose of this site, is to spread the knowledge of artists and that other people enjoy their works.

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