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SURREALISM PAINTERS BEYOND BORDERS – Kikuji Yamashita, a Surrealist painter of postwar art movement in Japan

A surrealist painter associated with the postwar avant-garde art movement in Japan Although he painted hundreds of canvases, he avoided seeking commercial success, surviving economically as an artist thanks to his wife’s beautician earnings. In 1953, he joined many young artists to form the Young Artists’ Alliance art cooperative, which for three years held exhibitions and published a magazine entitled …

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SOMETHING BRIGHT AND FUN – Yuki Ogura, a very prolific artist

A Japanese Modern & Contemporary artist The warmth and humanity in her work, makes she endearing to audiences. Her maiden name was Yuki Mizoguchi. Yuki Ogura http://www.artnet.com/artists/yuki-ogura/ was born in Ōtsu city (Shiga Prefecture), into a March day, in 1895. Her home-studio were located in Kamakura, where she lived to the age of 105. Her work has been offered at …

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REALISTIC NUDES IN SLIGHTLY IMPRESSIONIST MANNER – Okada Saburōsuke: Following the trend of the era, he studied Western style painting

Western style painting and steel plate printmaking techniques This part of Japan is famous for its ornate ceramic ware. Dainty Saga Prefecture is a on the island of Kyushu, known for its capital city which is also called Saga. Its Yoshinogari Park is one of the main archeological wonders, where you will find settlements from the Yayoi Period (from 300 …

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ART BEAT – Takeshi Kitano: Kid of painting or painter’s kid.

Innovative strength of the way of making art. Perhaps you too have visited various museums. This is an art museum, and you would suggest to people who like painting. It is located in the park of the Hanabata Ranch. The memory of your visit will be very lasting by observing the boundaries between figurative and abstract paintings. The Takeshi Kitano …

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Western-style movement in early 20th-century Japanese painting. In Japan, when the father of modern Western-style painting died in 1924, he bequeathed a portion of his estate, for the furtherment of art. In 1928, with this bequest was formed the Kuroda Memorial Hall. In recognition of his artistic achievements, exhibits of Oil paintings, sketches and similar works donated by his family …

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