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Get to know Pennsylvania in four steps

Located in the northeastern United States, this region boasts great lakes, mountain ranges, and a scenic stretch of the coast of Lake Erie. Best things to do in Pennsylvania Pittsburgh and Philadelphia offer you a wide range of tourist attractions, but you could also choose to stay out of town, visit Amish farms and ghost towns.

Entering a cave is to discover a new world, fascinating and hidden, where the animals that live there know the rains. You could start your journey in Pennsylvania by entering the Indian Echo Caverns, thus activating the memory of something magical inside a limestone cave. You will find that the geological forces have lifted the limestone, allowing the water to flow, creating small and large cracks that have created what is before your eyes. You will see bats, bears, raccoons spending some of their time in caves, but also other animals, such as crustaceans.

Why not go where everyone is curious. They are silent and reluctant to dialogue, so, before deciding whether to stay there, however, forget about electricity and running water. From caves to countryside, to learn about the Amish, a religious community established in Pennsylvania in the eighteenth century. They traditionally speak a German dialect, they do not swear because their word is enough for them and they officiate worship in private homes. They love to live in communities with a social fabric based on family ties; they work as farmers and artisans in campaigns that keep them free from any form of civilization. A phrase to understand the way of thinking of an Amish: “Do not ask the Lord to guide your steps, if you’re not willing to move your feet!”

For some, the battle is a great redeemer, while for others it is the melting pot where heroes are forged. Visiting Gettysburg National Military Park from morning until sunset allows you to experience what happens above a battlefield. Gettysburg is the bloodiest battle of the American Civil War, but also the inspiration for a famous speech by President Abraham Lincoln. This battle marked an indelible turning point in the civil war, because the victory of the Union forever curbed the geekness of Southern general Robert E. Lee.

If you are also a good connoisseur of Pennsylvania, you certainly have learned not to overlook the “evocative power” of the things you eat and drink. There are restaurants where you can dine in a wonderfully familiar atmosphere, where you can enjoy seasonal ingredients that combine family recipes with elegant French style. Here you will not have to worry about what you eat, but with whom you eat, therefore, choose well. At Clifford’s Restaurant you will find fresh and seasonal meals: for an appetizer start with freshly grilled marinated shrimp, then have some fresh fish brought to you from the grill, but do not forget their homemade bread!

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