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A PEN NAME, BEFORE WW2 – Antonia Yeoman, a major cartoonist and Punch contributor for many years

When write, “A gentleman left this for you, Sir”

If during your trip to London you want to add a good comic book to your shopping cart, there are several shops in the city where you can buy comic books and albums, such as Forbidden Planet, the largest and most famous comic book, science fiction, fantasy and cult retailer. If you look at some old issues of the satirical magazine Punch, you will certainly find the humorous cartoons drawn by Antonia Yeoman.

The oldest auction result ever registered on the website for an artwork by this artist is a drawing-watercolor sold in 2007. Her first popular cartoons were as part of the partnership with her brother, in the late 1930s. In addition to illustrating 17 books, Antonia Yeoman also produced two collections of her own works. She worked for The Tatler, The New Yorker and Punch, being the only woman in Punch’s Toby Club.

Antonia Yeoman was born in Australia. She suffered from tuberculosis throughout her childhood. Her parents took her to visit England where her father died and her mother decided to settle in Brighton. She trained at the Royal Academy and under painter Stephen Spurrier.

In her early twenties Antonia Yeoman became a Roman Catholic and took the name Antonia. From the mid-1950s onwards, her cartoons were very popular appeared in Lilliput, New Yorker and Punch. She could conjure up with great skill the cocktail party atmosphere and best fashionable milliners.

In 1919, the Bauhaus became an indispensable place for the development of ideas concerning the unification of art and design. Visual artist Antonia Yeoman–Will-you-excuse-me-a-minute_p_142172.html who died in 1970, was influence by the 1920s, a period established the careers of many innovative artists in the pictorial arts, where philosophy of Marxism was prevalent among their communities.

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