WHEN ART IS THE THRILLING, SPARK THAT BEATS DEATH – Brett Whiteley: Ready for the appointment on time with the beauty

The art of being able to leave an accurate record of what you do not know

At the end of 1960 he moved to London, where produced a series of abstractions, also bought by the Tate gallery. Under the influence of Francis Bacon, he abandoned his early abstract style in favor of a more figurative Expressionism. Educated at the Scots College (Bellevue Hill, Sydney), he wrote to his mother asking her to find him an easel and books on the works of two painters. Brett Whiteley https://www.artgallery.nsw.gov.au/brett-whiteley-studio/ was born on an April day in 1939 at Paddington (Sydney), growing up at Longueville, on the northern shores of Sydney Harbour. He had cannot stand mindless purity.

From 1956, he was employed in the layout and commercial art department at an advertising agency. With one of his best friends, Brett Whiteley https://www.invaluable.com/artist/whiteley-brett-qg6jhximwx/sold-at-auction-prices/ explored the art classes of Sydney, also across the harbour, where they studied reproductions of modern and old masters. He was admired for draftsmanship by sensuous power of his paintings. In the mid-1960s, after visiting the United States and Fiji, he returned to Australia, creating a series of Expressionist landscapes. Realizing his 1971 painting The night café, he took a Van Gogh painting, stretching the lines of the room to a single vanishing point, so creating an image which appears fast moving.

He met his future wife, a beautiful art student, niece of the impressionist artist Kathleen O’Connor. Brett Whiteley https://www.facebook.com/brettwhiteleystudio/ departed for Europe in early 1960, ready to explore techniques and secrets of his preferred artists, harvesting of inspiration from museums and galleries. He was an exponent painter of Australian abstract expressionism. He was made Officer of the Order of Australia in 1991. In time, he have had soaked himself in skepticism, by nature magnetized to bitterness. On 1992, he was found dead from opiate overdose in Thirroul (north of Wollongong). At 2 Raper Street in Surry Hills, is home during the last four years of his life was converted into museum for him.

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