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To know excessive creativity

If the time has come to change even in your life, decide to go to Australia You will have to learn to relate to its large spaces, where Aboriginal culture and cosmopolitan cities seem to integrate incredibly together. Within these endless red-painted horizons, the Indian Pacific train connects two cities, Sydney and Adelaide. Give yourself this surreal experience, an original journey that will allow you to admire panoramas impossible to imagine. To complete your travel experience, you will need to go to a farm, an ideal place to meet original people, drinking strictly local beer. Like in a movie, even a journey needs its own musical column. To tune in to Australian places and atmospheres, we recommend a good mix of songs from the Midnight Oil band.

The group have inspired artists outside of popular music, including poet Daniel Nester and painter Nicholas Harding. Also known under the nickname The Oils, they are an Australian rock group originally from Sydney, which started playing in 1972. In 1975, the group rechristened itself Midnight Oil After months of gigs, they began making the rounds to record companies. Then, the group formed issued its debut in 1978. The band grew active in the political arena. With their 1979 Head Injuries, the band scored Cold Cold Change, earning a gold record.

The music of Midnight Oil will also accompany you where a young girl loved art and sports, but before arriving where she was born, buy a book of her poems, I Love a Sunburnt Country She loved a land of wide plains and its frayed mountain ranges that merged into distant horizons. For her contribution to Australian literature, in the New Year’s Day of 1968, she was appointed an Officer of the Order of the British Empire. She travelled with her parents through Europe, spending time around Gunnedah (New South Wales). Dorothea Mackellar was born in 1885, daughter of a Sydney family, at home encouraged in artistic and sporting pursuits.

Now that you have known the music of Midnight Oil and the poems of Dorothea Mackellar, perhaps you are ready to know a different aspect of Australian creativity, the way of dressing proposed by the Aje brand, a creative duo who was born and raised at the antipodes, with a fan base that includes Madonna and Kate Moss. Their creations illustrate a reflection of their learnings and background, with training at the acclaimed Venetian Art School. Founded in 2008, it is a contemporary fashion brand dedicated to tough femininity. Pioneer of Australia’s quintessential style, Aje’s signature it is a mix of constructed with luxurious sensibilities. Before pieces are create with care, their design process starts with intricate sketching where prints are hand painted watercolor and acrylic on canvas, before being translated into digital form.

If you think that photography represents the way of portraying people and things, maybe you need to know Bill Henson and his way of using light. His long-term relationship with a Luminism painter has been as mutually influential on their art. His aesthetic features by his use of chiaroscuro lighting and blurred backgrounds. He carefully employing light, as if it is a tool to highlight drama.  Born into a 1955 October day in Melbourne (Australia), Bill Henson studied photography at the Prahran College of Advanced Education, becoming Australian best contemporary photographer who love reflect a sense of musicality into his exhibitions.

Your chest begins to fill. Australian creativity has for you a soundtrack and a book of poems, a certain way of dressing and using light while photographing. Yes, you are ready for Brett Whiteley and the appointment with pictorial beauty. At the end of 1960 he moved to London, where produced a series of abstractions, also bought by the Tate gallery. Under the influence of Francis Bacon, he abandoned his early abstract style in favor of a more figurative Expressionism. Educated at the Scots College in Sydney, he wrote to his mother asking her to find him an easel and books on the works of two painters. Brett Whiteley was born on an April day in 1939 at Paddington (Sydney), growing up at Longueville, on the northern shores of Sydney Harbour, where he had cannot stand mindless purity.

Incredibly, as your journey into Australian creativity reaches its end, we offer you books by Eric Jolliffe and Monty Wedd You will find that sometimes the birth of a nation is enclosed in the pages of a comic newspaper.

He was a master at depicting the Australian bush and outback subjects, including Aboriginal lifestyles and customs. cartoonist and illustrator Eric Jolliffe was born in Portsmouth (England), inside a January day, in 1907. In 1911, his family migrated to Perth, Sydney and Balmain. He spent six years working as a boundary rider and rabbit trapper. Whilst visiting his family, by reading a book on drawing, he discovered that art could be his next journey.

He studied art and sold his first comics Bert and Ned and Captain Justice. He was a kind, generous man, always willing to pass on information about Australian artists and cartoonists. Adjoining the Williamtown air base (Newcastle, New South Wales), you will find museum contains military uniforms, toy soldiers. If you look in a corner, you will discover a large collection of Australian comics and drawings by Monty Wedd Born 1921 Glebe, he died 2012 Fingal Bay (both in New South Wales).

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