INFUSING EACH IMAGE WITH MOISTURE AND LIGHT – Alexey Titarenko: The reflective quality of snow, rain and clouds

Each print by hand, producing a range of tones 

Russia is different from the Soviet one, but if you want to relive the atmosphere of the latter, stop in a Sovetskaya Kvartirka cafe. From May to October, the boat tour is one of the most tourist attractions. You will photograph Hermitage Museum and St. Isaac’s Cathedral. You will capture the charm of Nevsky Prospect, which is in St. Petersburg as the Champes Elysées are in Paris. Peter and Paul Fortress will conclude your photo safari, although unlike Alexey Titarenko.

He was born in Saint Petersburg into a November day 1962, but today he lives and works in New York. Alexey Titarenko’s work has made him one of Russia’s most prominent artists. His City of Shadows series images encapsulate the dramatic atmosphere of his native Saint Petersburg in the 1980s. His street photography, creating powerful images through superimposed negatives and long exposure, merges the Russian soul. He began work on collages and photomontages and in 1989 received his first solo exhibition in Paris. At the age of nine, he began taking pictures, then graduating from the Leningrad Public University of Society-related Professions in 1978 with a degree in Photojournalism. From the Leningrad Institute of Culture, in 1983 Alexey Titarenko received a Master’s degree in Cinematic and Photographic Arts.

Into street photography, to illustrate links between the present and the past, Alexey Titarenko created long exposure and intentional camera movement. His most well known series is City of Shadows, where he translated Dostoevsky’s version of the Russian soul into poetic and dramatic pictures of Saint Petersburg. His works are in the collections of major European and American museums, including The State Russian Museum in St. Petersburg.

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