WHERE ASIA WEARS A SMILE – It is time to fall in love with an author’s trip to the Philippines

The great archipelago where it grow creativity 

You could try the experience of sleeping one night in the Sahara desert, or cross the endless roads of Iceland by motorcycle. The itinerary we offer you is built through meetings with creative people from the Philippines https://www.adventureinyou.com/philippines/complete-travel-guide/, an opportunity that we want to share with you, associating the memory of places with artists, sounds and flavors, unspoiled nature and ancient civilizations. Consider this itinerary as a stone, on which to sculpt your travel desires.

Its zoo and aquarium houses various animals and tropical fishes, which is open for public tour. Here you can visit Angel Cacnio Gallery, knowing its best collection of creativity works. According to legend, its name from the words maraming labong (plenty of bamboo shoots). For your tasting-lugaw in Malabon, enter store is located just across the Ibaviosa House. Famous for its ancestral homes the City of Malabon https://philippinescities.com/malabon-city/ it is into the Metropolitan Manila. You are under Benedicto Cabrera‘s sky, a master of contemporary Philippine art.

Do not waste time asking how to paint this or that, open your mind into a Philippines travel. It is weird, but this way of travel gives you an interesting pattern only knowing a artist’s inner landscapes, such as native painter Benedicto Cabrera. Its BenCab Museum https://www.bencabmuseum.org/museum-galleries/ is a brief 15-minute drive from the center of Baguio City.

The annual Dinagyang Festival https://www.exploreiloilo.com/do/info/dinagyang-festival/, exquisite heritage sites, deliciously fresh seafood, and signature dishes waiting you. Iloilo, Queen City of the South, is the heart of the Philippines, because its people is connect to city’s past. You too can arrive here, looking for nightlife and a side trip to Guimaras Island. Its rich heritage is visible in its delicious cuisine, cultural traditions and captivating natural landscapes. Entering Great Bar Great Music, you will find good food and nice cool beer in a relaxing environment. In this town was born singersongwriter Jed Madela, the singers’s singer.

Its musical compositions are a mixture of different influences. In fact, Philippine music is a mix of European, American and Native sounds, influenced by centuries of Spanish heritage, United States rock and Gamelan. Among the composers of indigenous music is Lucio San Pedro, but in the Tagalog and Visayan regions the Spanish influence can be observe in traditional music. By adding folk music, the Filipinos have expressed Freddie Aguilar’s skill, but Jed Madela remains at the top of popularity.

Due to the Amaryllis plants, once abundant in this district of Manila, the city of Paco was know as Dilao. Start the day with a Tai Chi lesson at Rizal Park https://www.lonelyplanet.com/philippines/manila/attractions/rizal-park/a/poi-sig/391109/357305. You can continue your morning with a visit to the Pambata Museum, but when you are hungry, you can enjoy a free vegetarian meal at the Sikh Temple of Khalsa Diwan (open to all, regardless of faith). If you feel like diving into art, go to the National Museum. Before returning to the hotel, buy yourself a novel by Nick Joaquin, a writer who was born in this city.

Maybe, you have always wanted to write a novel https://blog.reedsy.com/how-to-write-a-novel/, but something has stopped you. Create an outline; nail down the story idea-reading genre books. Develop main characters, together their conflicts. Traveling into Philippines islands, offer you a special option: to observe how the native writer Nick Joaquin made one of his novels.

Now, Filipinos conform their way of dressing looking what is shown by the media, but their  clothing style have been influenced by their ancestors and Spanish colonizers, but jeans and T-shirts combination was introduced by the Americans. Before the Spanish colonized the islands, ethnic clothing was worn by the members of different tribes (still often worn during festivals and for cultural shows). The traditional Baro’t Saya, it is the archetype of every Filipinian dress. It includes blouse and skirt. Sassa Jimenez, a fashion designer from Manila, prefers to create puffed sleeveless dresses and low-rise silhouettes.

Puffed-up sleeves and drop-waist silhouettes make up her design codes. Sassa Jimenez https://www.facebook.com/Sassa-Jimenez-337188901008/ was was born in Manila into a December day 1987. After studied creative writing, she studied at the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising in Los Angeles (California). A reporter described her collection as feminine, with classic with clean lines. Her overall look it is polished, sleek, and sexy. In 2008, she displaying her designs at the Philippine Fashion Week.

The colonial influence of American culture has created an imprint in performing arts and film sectors and scenes. Iloilo is know as Festivals’s Capital, with cultural identity also influenced by the Hispanic culture. Do not forget eating bowl of La Paz Batchoy, a delicacy that originated from the La Paz district of Iloilo City. The city’s modern day appearance is full by the role it has played for centuries, with cityscape surrounded with water features, gardens and parks. If you like, know Lloilo ancient time, we suggest to know Felix Lauretano, first Filipino artist to use photography.

Born in Patnongon on a November day 1866, he studied fine arts in the Philippines and received part of his photographic training in Barcelona. Felix Laureano https://myspanishchronicle.wordpress.com/tag/felix-laureano/ is one of the first photographers of Filipino origin. The best known among its images of the Philippines come from Iloilo (Panay region). In 1895 he published a book-album (which has been reissued in the 21st century), with phototypes that show Filipino customs. His photo-book was born just over a year before the 1896 Philippine Revolution.

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