FASHION’S VISION TO CREATE PIECES WITH GLOBAL RELEVANCE – Sassa Jimenez: Styles polished and sleek, with a 1940s look

Designing outfits that can be worn by anyone

Now, Filipinos conform their way of dressing looking what is shown by the media, but their  clothing style have been influenced by their ancestors and Spanish colonizers, but jeans and T-shirts combination was introduced by the Americans. Before the Spanish colonized the islands, ethnic clothing was worn by the members of different tribes (still often worn during festivals and for cultural shows). The traditional Baro’t Saya, it is the archetype of every Filipiniana dress. It includes blouse and skirt. Sassa Jimenez, a fashion designer from Manila, prefers to create puffed sleeveless dresses and low-rise silhouettes.

Puffed-up sleeves and drop-waist silhouettes make up her design codes. Sassa Jimenez was was born in Manila into a December day 1987. After studied creative writing, she studied at the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising in Los Angeles (California). A reporter described her collection as feminine, with classic with clean lines. Her overall look it is polished, sleek, and sexy.

She manipulates fabrics, shirring her tulles into a texture, tiering organza into a waterfall. She made her industry debut with a 45-piece collection for Philippine Fashion Week. She worked doing celebrity styling, and has an atelier in Makati (Manila). Sassa Jimenez is a breath of fresh air, with a delicate balance of hems and details, her long gowns evoke easy sophistication. Her romance-steeped world reimagines women’s eveningwear.

Fashion it was a hobby, until her mum introduced she to the idea that it could turn into a business. With motifs inspired by period dress, she broke through pieces that spoke to a clientele that wished for options for occasion dressing. To emphasize glitz and sparkle, in 2009 Sassa Jimenez focused her style towards by using snakeskin and metallics. In 2012, she start playing with dark colors and different silhouettes. Especially with how the tastes and needs of Filipina women, now her comfort and function are more of a priority.

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