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Think creatively, where the Romanovs had met their end

Albert Camus was convinced that creativity allowed us to shape our destiny. This is what happened beyond the Urals, in the Russian city of Yekaterinburg http://en.ekburg.ru/INFO/Turisticinformationservice/. With the words of George Bernard Shaw, in this regard, we should remember that the golden rule is that there are no golden rules. In this way, we will be able to appreciate the apparent recklessness of some special people, people who have not closed their destiny within the banality.

You will need to get a government permit, if you want to visit for yourself. Layers of the mineral carnallite cause its surreal swirls. Entering Yekaterinburg Psychedelic Salt Mines https://weirdrussia.com/2014/06/20/psychedelic-salt-mines-of-yekaterinburg/, you too will consider it is hard to believe that colored dizzying patterns are completely natural. Here, you can admire paint rivers color on the walls of an abandoned salt mine, dating back millions of years. About colors, if you wish, Georgy Shishkin interior decorations for the Ekaterinburg Opera Museum waiting for you

At Christie’s, one of his paintings reached fourth place among works of famous artists. During his youth, he was influenced by the atmosphere at his great-grandparents’ house, steeped with Russian traditions. Son of a first violinist, from the age of six, he began violin classes. Entering in a cathedral, Georgy Shishkin https://www.facebook.com/726109260895183/photos/georgy-shishkin-russian-painter-b-1948/1118484191657686/ was asthonished by works of a Russian painter. Born in Ekaterinburg (Russia), showing passion for drawing, by his tenth year he was enrolled a fine art school.

Large Georgian restaurant Khmeli Suneli https://en.hmeli.ru/ is the best of its ilk in Yekaterinburg, the one where you find a large range of fish and red meat dishes and delicious shashlik. If you are looking for music, the Philharmonic it hosts regular performances by the acclaimed Ural Mountains academic orchestra, but here it has had always impossible you will meet Alexei Khvostenko.

In 2004, after a personal appeal to Russian President, he regained his Russian citizenship. Publishing his poems and songs, in 1968, he moved to Moscow, becoming famous in Russian underground literary circles. Alexei Khvostenko https://www.amazon.com/Repetitsiya-Alexey-Khvostenko/dp/B000PHRVUA was born ino a 1940 November day in Yekaterinburg, but moved to Saint Petersburg, where he grew upbecoming avant-garde poet, singer-songwriter, artist and sculptor.

Its menu spans all the Russian classics with no surprises. Visiting Yekaterinburg, do not forget enter Cafe Kuznya https://restaurantguru.com/Kuznya-Yekaterinburg, the fascinating cafe with wooden interiors crafted by a woodwork artist. Here you can read Ekaterinburg: The Last Days of the Romanovs, a vivid account of the final thirteen days of a family, until 4 July 1918 https://www.amazon.com/Ekaterinburg-Last-Romanovs-Helen-Rappaport/dp/0099520095, when they was killed in this town. Beside you, may be someone who has known Old Man Bukashkin.

He was born into a 1938 September day, spending most of his life in Yekaterinburg. He was one of the first artists who used art as a tool to generate conversation with the public.  Better known as Old Man Bukashkin, Evgeny Mikhaolovich Malakhin roamed around his town robed, with a beard and a t-shirt that read: I am the Great Russian poet. He was a folk artist in an Ural’s city. He abandoned a conventional lifestyle to dedicate his life to street art, music and poetry: Lonely little crocodilly, lack of love his eyes made teary. If you are from working class, drink just seltzer, juice and kvass.

Looking for shopping malls in Yekaterinburg‎, where tops with prints and sport shoes are the basics in everyone’s wardrobe, you can remember the Pokrovskiy Passage http://www.ppassage.ru/, a modern shopping center is located in the heart of the city. Popular local brands are Urals and Recycled Skateboards. Here, you will find more than 100 brands of clothing, relaxing at the restaurants of Dolce Vita or Le Grand Cafe. Fashion designer Gosha Rubchinskiy was born here, and you will discover his style on the web.

The designer produced his first garments in small quantities, giving them out to friends. For his show staged at Florence Pitti Uomo, he presented a collection in three parts. Wanting to work in fashion at a young age, he attended the Moscow College of Technology and Design, where began entering in the fashion circles of Russia. He is the founder of his eponymous brand. Born and living in Moscow, Gosha Rubchinskiy https://www.facebook.com/gosharubchinskiyy/ is 1984 fashion designer, filmmaker and photographer that is starting an creative empire all of his own.

One of the things to do is roll around in the snow. Welcome to the Russian banya, into the Urals, in Yekaterinburg https://www.visitrussia.org.uk/blog/a-fans-guide-to-yekaterinburg/, where holidaymakers are stopping by too, to break up their Trans-Siberian journey. Day trips to national parks you offer the chance to escape in Olenyi Ruchyi, where hiking trails, birch forest and lichen-steeped caves waiting for you. Such as Veniamin Leontievich Metenkov (founder of photography in the Urals), do not forget your fotocamera.

In a house where his former studio used to be, at present a museum devoted to his activities, it is in Ekaterinburg, where a collection of his photoes includes landscapes and pictures of this town. He introduced Ural’s life of contemporaries, as a founder of photography. In 1896, by opening a photo-studio, Veniamin Leontievich Metenkov https://backonthetssr.wordpress.com/2015/11/05/the-v-i-metenkov-photography-museum-started his business in Ekaterinburg.

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