INTRODUCE URAL’S BEAUTY TO CONTEMPORARIES – Veniamin Leontievich Metenkov: A founder of photography in Urals

A great collection of photos and a house, where a studio used to be

One of the things to do is roll around in the snow. Welcome to the Russian banya, into the Urals, in Yekaterinburg, where holidaymakers are stopping by too, to break up their Trans-Siberian journey. Day trips to national parks you offer the chance to escape in Olenyi Ruchyi, where hiking trails, birch forest and lichen-steeped caves waiting for you. Such as Veniamin Leontievich Metenkov (founder of photography in the Urals), do not forget your fotocamera.

In a house where his former studio used to be, at present a museum devoted to his activities, it is in Ekaterinburg, where a collection of his photoes includes landscapes and pictures of this town. He introduced Ural’s life of contemporaries, as a founder of photography. In 1896, by opening a photo-studio, Veniamin Leontievich Metenkov his business in Ekaterinburg.

Born in a 1857 March day in Miass, he was a member of the the Ural Society of Natural Science Lovers. The house owned by famous photographer in the Urals Veniamin Leontievich Metenkov was built at the end of the 19th century in Ekaterinburg (Karl Liebknecht St., 36), where was a photo studio in the house. Nowadays the Museum displays photo studio of the beginning of the 20th century, large collection of photos, unique collections of old cameras.

Traveling for over 40 years in the Urals, he created a veritable photographic report. Veniamin Leontievich Metenkov understood the essential possibility of photography, that of keeping a test of time flowing fast. Currently, more than 500 of his negatives (and their prints), have taken a worthy place in the exhibition of the photo museum dedicated to him. He died in Ekateringburg on a day in March 1933, in the same month as his birth.

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