FROM FAST TO FAIR FASHION – Women of faith touching a world in need

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A Franciscan habit can be recognized a hundred meters away. Made in the shape of a sack, the habit has a strong penitential value, because it is made with coarse fabrics (wide sleeves and tied to the waist with a cord). This habit, worn by monks, was used (as a permanent habit), by Francis of Assisi: “all the monks wear humble robes and are allowed to patch up with sackcloth and others with the blessing of God, so that they may have a garment in the kingdom of the skies”.

In addressing all aspects and shades of creation, as either Sister or Brother, Francis demonstrated his desire to be in relationship with all of creation. On the shores of Lake Michigan, in 1849, some women from Bavaria (southern Germany), founded the Sisters of St. Francis of Assisi Their Franciscan response to the needs of today is rooted in the Gospel. Those Sisters from Bavaria around the Lake Michigan have help with the needs of the 19th century German immigrants. Over the course of time, the people the sisters have served have changed as needs changed.

About fair trade values, the Assisi factory started in 1994 as a rehabilitation program by the Franciscan Sisters for underprivileged women and the physically disabled. Astro Apparels is among the fastest growing garment manufacturing export organizations in India from the knitted garment industry.

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